5 Best Google Web Fonts 2020

“Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through a large collection of great typography” was Google’s promise when it launched its own font website: Google Fonts.

Today, it has become reality with Google giving free access to a wide range of typography on its fonts.google.com website. A rich and practical tool that offers many advantages:

  • Google Fonts makes it easy to integrate typography into your website. Just copy and paste a script provided by Google. It's simple, fast, and efficient!
  • Google Fonts offer fonts visible on all web browsers.
  • Google Fonts improves your website load speed.

Finally, the large range of fonts offered by Google Fonts is impressive. With some research, it is possible to make very beautiful combinations using free typography.

To help you choose the perfect font for your website, discover our 5 favourite Google Web fonts 2020.


1 – Playfair display

The Playfair Display font is a display font which means that it is mainly used for titles. It presents a nice variance of styles (Regular, bold, black, Italic) and works well with serif typography such as Roboto. It brings an elegant style to your projects.


2 – Cormorant

The Cormorant font is atypical and has unusual forms. It works very well in italic. It’s a perfect typography for subtitles and short paragraphs. It reflects serenity and allows you to add a touch of originality to your designs.


3– Poppins

In the past few years, the Poppins font has been very popular. It is used by the giant Airbnb company. The Poppins is a perfect alternative to Open-sans or Roboto fonts because it brings warmth with its slightly rounded shapes.

This font is perfect for long text content or for titles in capital letters.

4– Eczar

Eczar is a perfect font for titles. Its visual impact and its original shape bring a dynamic touch to a project. We do not recommend using it for content as this would not be very readable.

This typography is sometimes used in the luxury or fashion market.


5– Montserrat

Finally, Montserrat is a timeless typography that fits into any project. It has a large choice of styles (From Thin to Black italic) allowing for many interesting combinations. It remains a classic of the “without serif type” and is distinguished by its delicate shape.