5 Most Common Website Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Do you want to create a website for your company ? Are you about to start redesigning your website? You’re in luck! Here are 5 common mistakes you should not make when building a successful website.

Mistake 1. Ignoring the User Experience (UX)

You've probably already visited a website without really knowing how to access the information you are looking for. Sometimes website navigation is not clear and we are simply lost.

That is precisely something that must be avoided! Thanks to User Experience also called UX, you can create a website where your customers and prospects can navigate easily and access all your content.

In order to assure fluid User Experience, several things need to be respected :

  • Do not choose the design of your website because it looks good, but rather because the navigation is intuitive;
  • Create clear menus! Avoid mystery and opt for simple and evocative calls-to-action;
  • Do not insert too many pop-up windows which disturb navigation. One well-used pop-up window may be effective, but not 10;
  • Use clear symbols and icons. Not everyone has the same imagination as you. Each icon must be chosen with precision to not discourage the user who will try to guess the meaning of each symbol.


Mistake 2. Forgetting to Consider Mobile Browsing

64% of internet users used a mobile phone.

Thanks to this statistic, we understand the importance of having a responsive website. Whether for e-commerce or corporate websites, the challenge is the same! For 2 years, the use of mobile phones has exploded. Adapting your website to this new consumption habit will both increase your recognition and improve your SEO.

Indeed, Google downgrades websites that are not responsive. Search engines index "Mobile First" websites and tend not to appreciate a website that is not fluid on all devices. An important consideration when you know that a large part of Internet users come to visit your website through search engines.


Mistake 3. Not Updating your Website Anymore

Your website evolution must be permanent in design, functionality and content. You should talk about your business and your new services. Your website must reflect your dynamism.

In addition, Google likes websites that evolve. If you do not add new content, you will not have the chance to increase your SEO since Google will have nothing else to analyze to increase your position in the search engine. We advise you to regularly update a news page or a blog section.


Mistake 4. Forgetting the Importance of SEO

As you may understand, organic referencing, also called SEO, will allow you to increase your visibility and your traffic.

To increase your SEO, you can start by following a few simple rules:

  • Take care of the presentation: no spelling errors, simple short sentences
  • Avoid duplication of content! Obviously, you are not going to copy the content of your competitors and you are trying as hard as possible not to write the same content from one page to another on your website.
  • Choose keywords adapted to your activity and use them on all pages of your website.
  • Insert titles and subtitles!


Mistake 5. Not Integrating Social Media Links into your Website.

Today everyone spends a lot of time on social media. It would be a mistake to overlook them. A good strategy on social networks will be considered a guarantee of trust and quality. Don't hesitate to integrate your most active social networks into your website.

We also advise allowing the possibility for all users to share your content on their own social media thanks to specific buttons. Your users will have the possibility to promote your brand and your website for free without you having to take any action.

However, we advise you to avoid sharing your inactive social media accounts: bad image guaranteed.



An ideal website for 2020 seen by MultipleMedia is:

  • a fluid and adaptive website
  • a website that includes a blog
  • a website with social media links
  • an SEO-friendly website.

If you have a website creation or redesign project, our Montreal-based web agency will be happy to support you. Submit your project!