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A new responsive blog for Le Groupe Maurice

Le Groupe Maurice has recently taken a wide and open communicative turn to better reach its target while promoting its services.

As a result of joint efforts in strategic thinking by MultipleMedia and Le Groupe Maurice, the blog aims to enrich the website content through regular and varied publications. This communicational space, which highlights the interaction of the President, Luc Maurice, docks perfectly with the new communication and promotional activities developed within Groupe’s Marketing team during the year.

Although aware of the issues surrounding the growing number of screen resolutions used by consumers today, the new blog is now responsive.

A matter of visibility!

The new communicational platform enhances the articles right from the home page. Its new structure provides good support for communication activities with current and future customers of Le Groupe Maurice residences.

Articles brought to light450x400-mobile

The layout of the blog puts forward Luc Maurice’s articles, which retain high visibility on all pages. An adaptation to the original theme gives them a privileged position in the visual hierarchy. In addition, a specific navigation bar was designed to bring forward the biography of the founder in this section.

The restructuring of the information allowed, in turn, to easily identify new types of articles (“Paroles à nos residents”, “Rayonnement” and “Actualité”) and those written by the founder, Luc Maurice. Indeed, in developing this new blog to support their latest communication activities, Le Groupe Maurice team was asked to rethink the categories and types of articles based on their new line of communication.

Navigation has also been revised to allow users to view the articles that interest them quickly amidst the large volume of publications. Content managers can, for their part, more easily integrate their products, which greatly facilitates the management of communications.

450x400-wrintingEven more

In addition, many improvements have been made to the new WordPress theme, including a replica of the menu that allows the user to continue browsing through the pages of the site and the blog without visual change, added categories, personalized sidebar and numbered comments, all of which improve navigation.

The performance of the blog, an established process

The optimization was not put aside after the launch of the blog. To ensure a strong presence in the search engines as well as increased download speed, all tools have been implemented. The performance audit conducted through extensive testing has also led to the integration of new modules.

Future website developments are already in the works for 2016, but until then you have a lot of reading to catch up on their blog.

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