AdWords And SEM Campaigns, More Than Clicks

In the world of web marketing, we often hear about AdWords ( Google Ads ). When it comes to this platform, the vast number of metrics and statistics can be overwhelming. Whether you are a connoisseur of online advertising and its key performance indicators (KPIs), or you are a novice in digital marketing and more likely to limit yourself to clicks, impressions and cost per click, it is important to know this platform’s potential in order to make the most of your investment. Let's not forget that the goal of any action that involves advertising is to have a return on investment!

So why limit ourselves to baseline data if we can access richer information that allows us to make better decisions and improve our practices? Mastering this will certainly be reflected in the performance of your campaign.

Here are 3 statistics to keep in mind during your analysis:


When it comes to CPA (Cost per Acquisition), we are talking about the budget. While not all campaigns have conversions, they should all start from a measurable goal that will allow you to analyze the results. It is essential to keep the goal in mind to optimize accordingly and ensure that your efforts are profitable. Whether it be leads, calls or online shopping, the question is very simple: how much are you willing to pay for an important action for your business? This is an opportunity to create value for the customer.

So, if your CPA is higher than you’d like, you have work to do on the quality of your ads, keywords, visuals, or landing page experience. These are core AdWords concepts that influence the bid strategy and deliver tangible results.


Landing Page Friendliness

With the first step out of the way, there’s a second goal ahead of you: “give people who click on your ads exactly what they’re looking for—quickly and effortlessly,” as stated by Google. Since it is on the landing page that conversions will take place (except for calls), it is essential that the user understand how to complete an action. Google even gives us instructions to improve usability of the landing page:

  • “Offer relevant, useful and original content.”
  • “Make mobile and computer navigation easy.”
  • “Help customersquickly find what they’re looking for.”

We must not forget that this metric is a component of quality and that the cost of poor qualifications is a more expensive click or acquisition.


Search Impression Share


Here is a metric that is not the most popular, but that can help you compare yourself to competitors. The distribution rate on the search network concretely indicates the percentage of impressions that your country has achieved over the number of times it was eligible to participate in Google’s competitive bidding system. On the basis of this information, you can analyze the opportunities to be seized in relation to the objectives of your campaign. Just be careful, an 87% broadcast rate does not necessarily tell you that your campaign is performing very well. This should always be compared to your overall goal. Identify the optimization possibilities within this information. Perhaps by adding budget or keywords, you will improve the performance of your campaign.

In conclusion, explore the different data that you can access through AdWords to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. Check with available web analytics tools (Google Analytics for instance). You will discover the best practices that impact your KPIs. And do not forget that a clear and measurable goal is the foundation of your strategy.

If you need an extra boost, our team of experts can support and optimize your SEM from ideation to the end of the campaign report. Contact us.