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L’alUMni de l’Université de Moncton: Web Keeps Us Closer

As a non-profit organisation, the mission of L’alUMni is to develop and maintain ties with the graduates of the Université de Moncton. By grouping nearly 40,000 members internationally, with 1000 new members each year, L’alUMni organizes several different activities, publishes an annual magazine (Bulletin) and the quarterly newsletter (Cyber-Bulletin) in addition to offering several services to its members.

For support in their digital activities, the Board of Directors and Management turned to MultipleMedia as digital partner. Together, our teams have completed the redesign of the site through a rigorous communication strategy.

Making A Name

While the platform of L’alUMni was originally part of the University of Moncton website, it was buried in an impressive amount of content. In order to assert its own identity while gaining more visibility, a major reorganization of the content led to becoming a separate platform.

alumni de l'Université de Moncton | Drupal8 | redesign

Revised Branding

But wait, there’s more! Beyond a change of address, the dissociation is also visual. Colours, fonts and images - based on the new logo, our creative team designed a young and modern branding, which blends in throughout the platform.

Accessibility Comes First

As the main target consists of students, needless to mention the importance of mobile-oriented design (we do it anyway, just to be safe). With improved structure, the site is now much easier to use. A considerable reduction in the number of tabs facilitates access to information, a direct result of an approach to improve the user experience (long live UX Design).

Content Is King

The redesign has not only brought more visibility to L’alUMni, MultipleMedia also took the opportunity to prioritize the content.

  • News
  • Upcoming Events
  • Photo Albums
  • Services for members

This exercise has also highlighted the importance of creating a blog that supports the communicational efforts of the school association.

Revisited E-​​bulletin

The previous digital communications of L’alUMni were sent monthly to members’ emails and archived on the website as PDFs. To enhance the mobile experience and maximize organic SEO, the idea of ​​the blog was born.

This new section, which now includes seven distinct categories of items including informative capsules, puts forth sharing options to strengthen the social presence of the NPO.

alumni de l'Université de Moncton | Drupal8

Drupal 8 at the Heart of the Development

Over 50 pages of content have been restructured and integrated through Drupal 8, the latest version of the popular CMS.

As managers of L’alUMni website were already familiar with a previous version of this CMS, it was only natural that we turned to Drupal 8 for the responsive overhaul of the site. This content management system is also perfect for a site with that much content.


MultipleMedia is proud to have supported L’alUMni in this project. The Board of Directors and Management now have a content-rich platform to encourage all students of the University of Moncton to keep in touch after graduation.

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