Artificial Intelligence Changes the Marketing and Communication World!

Top 5 Developments Related to AI When it Comes to Marketing:

- Predictions:

Internet research is becoming more and more predictive. We are now talking about providing customized recommendations throughout the user's journey.

- Insights in real time:

The combination of machine learning and PUI (passive user interfaces) will enable the gathering and analysis of valuable data to create ever more unique user experiences.

- Progress of Chatbots:

Conversations with customers, help with payments or deliveries, they are growing continuously, and their learning capacity is increasing exponentially.

- Facial Recognition:

It's mostly about recognizing emotions. As true mood detectors, the new tools related to AI make it possible to adapt a service offer in real time to the mindset of a consumer.

- Dynamic Pricing:

Artificial intelligence, mainly via Machine Learning, allows real-time prices adjustments in the most optimal way possible, considering a maximum of variables, including live demand.


An Artificial and Intelligent "Sniper" That Targets Better Than Anyone.

You dreamed about it? Well, Google did it. Say hello to "Auto Ads," a new format that uses machine learning to "read" a page to find and place the appropriate ad types in the most optimal places.

Launched secretly in September 2017, the service is now available to all. The first results showed a 10% turnover increase on average, with revenu increases ranging from 5 to 15%. Even if Google AdSense already features some degree of automation by selecting the most relevant ads to display based on page crawling, here is the Auto Ads novelty: Google manages the ad’s location selection: this is the number of ads placed on specific pages, their own location, and the type of ads to display. Machine learning can also be used to analyze success rates and determine how to better feature ads in the future.


A.I.s Instead of Creative Directors!

First of all, let's give some context. We are in 2015 at the Mccann agency in Japan. Shun Matsuzak launches the "Creative Genome" project. His goal? Create the world's first artificial intelligence capable of replacing a creative director to design TV ads.

He first separated the creative part (concept, idea, message) from the other elements of the TV spot (context, tone, shape, music, etc.). He then created a database integrating Japan’s best TV ads from the last 10 years according to very specific criteria.

We are now in the middle of 2017. At a conference, two spots are presented to more than 200 professionals in the advertising world. The first was made by Shun Matsuzak's AI, the other in a more traditional way.

To everyone's surprise, the panel of professionals preferred the AI’s TV spot.


A Question Mark in Conclusion?

Automated content, advanced customization of the offer, dynamic pricing, virtual agents ..., artificial intelligence now marks each step of the customer journey and this trend is apparently only in its infancy. We have entered a new era. The business world is changing in a way never seen before. The current digital marketing (for example based on geolocation or on your digital footprint) is mutating. What does it mean for you or for a web agency like us? And if we talk about precision marketing today, will artificial intelligence allow us to move to a predictive marketing tomorrow? This is what Digital Marketing is about.