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CAB Déco: Web Meets Design

Through strong partnerships with reliable European factories, CAB Deco offers architects and designers high quality designer furniture solutions tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry.

In order to provide an interactive catalogue that showcases each product with finesse, CAB Deco turned to MultipleMedia for their digital creativity.

The precise search engine, detailed product listings, and navigation by category contribute to a smooth and engaging web experience.


Sophisticated Platform

From a simple product showcase to an ambiance designer, the new search engine includes filters that enable multi-factor research.

Selecting the type of furniture, finishes, and product specifications helps you find the next key piece of your decor in a breeze. A range of carefully chosen accessories are also suggested to add the finishing touches.


Flexible and Customized Offers

To assist in the development of architectural and interior design projects while providing the company with enhanced operational efficiency, each product now has a distinct listing.

Designers can then browse the features of each of their favourite pieces to create a unique environment.

With the e-commerce platform WooCommerce by WordPress, adding and removing new products is simplified. Updates to the extensive catalogue can now be completed in a flash.

"We are very pleased to see the website online and look forward to sharing it with our customers. We see the website's potential and have every intention of pursuing its development over the coming years. Thank you for the great work and congratulations to the entire team! "

- Lynn Tran, graphic designer CAB Déco

E-commerce Expertise

Through the development of CAB Déco’s new interactive showcase, MultipleMedia put its expertise to work. Reflecting the quality of its products, the platform is ready to receive online requests for proposals.

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