Collaboration At Work – Digital Tools To The Rescue!

At MultipleMedia, our natural habitat is digital. To shape the most suitable products for our customers, we engage all our specialists. And what better way to propel the efficiency of a digital team than using web tools?


Why Use Collaborative Tools?

Changing Needs

The industry is constantly evolving; needs are changing, but so are products. It is essential to quickly adapt our operational process to the most current needs. Creating a mold that applies to all situations: impossible. Creating several molds with long-term relevance: also impossible! Creating an evolutionary process: possible!

Of course, no need to reinvent the wheel every day. However, our tools must be flexible and adjustable to each project.

Walking the Industry Beat

It’s a well-known fact that the reality of all industries is now in high gear and our customers have needs to fill quickly. It is therefore very important to optimize the timeliness of as many tasks as possible.

Key elements to save precious time:

  1. Easy access to information
  2. Clarity of assignments
  3. Reduced administrative time
  4. Forecast bottlenecks and share tasks

The positive result of optimizing time is a more competitive rate.

Flexibility Of Location

Web tools offer accessibility at the most important moment: anytime! Indeed, whether we need them for remote work, to validate certain items during a client meeting or even check an item on the road: we have access to everything at any time. We are also assured to always access the most recent version of the information.

Sharing Knowledge

Knowledge is our most valuable asset, even if it’s intangible. To work well, knowledge must not only be shared, but also easily accessible by the entire team. A large, detailed explanatory document is of no use if it is inaccessible or unknown to our colleagues.


Having easy access to relevant and timely information makes quality control much easier. It is also easier to share ideas to improve the product regardless of where we are in the process.

R & D

The results of R & D projects can easily be shared and reused by the entire team. All members can pitch in ideas for relevant projects. When someone has free time, they can refer to the list and choose the R & D project they want to work on.


What Tools Are Used by MultipleMedia?

We use several Web tools to optimize our efficiency and the quality of our products. We remain on the lookout for new techniques and tools to continuously improve our methods. The quality of our deliverables is our priority and our tools evolve with us to achieve excellence.




This is our project management tool. We use it to create all timelines and assignments to our team members. Everyone always has access to updated data in real-time. (


This is the wiki tool that allows us to document everything through collaboration. (Https://


This is our main tool for quality control where we collect all data for corrections and optimizations to be made on each of our digital projects. This ensures we always have a clear list of areas of improvement as well as their respective status. (Https://


This tool allows us to share passwords safely and effectively. (Https://


Invision allows us to effectively share our prototypes, to collect real-time feedback from various parties, and share adjustments effectively. (

Google Drive

This allows us to collaborate in real time on documents. For example, we use it to create copy deck.


Axure allows the creation of sophisticated interactive wireframes.

The Daily "Scrum" Meeting

Inspired by the agile method, the team meets every morning to review status on the deliverables of the day and be able to collaborate on the challenges ahead. This is a human tool that acts as a link between our web tools and in-person collaboration. The exchange between people is not replaced by digital tools, it is optimized.


How Do We Use These Tools As Part Of A Project?

After the brief is received, the project manager creates a detailed project plan in Wrike. He then assigns tasks to designated resources. This allows a complete visibility of all stages of the project and who will work on it.

According to its nature, the documentation is shared on Confluence and / or Google Drive. Since they are wikis, the entire team can work together to ensure that documentation is always updated. Passwords are in turn shared via LastPass.

When creating wireframes and mockups, Axure and Invision allow us to share the ongoing work with our clients to obtain their comments, hence permitting great collaboration with them.

Throughout the project, each team member has access to the list of deliverables to be produced throughout the day via Wrike. All ongoing projects are accessible to everyone. This is particularly useful to know with whom to address an urgent request. This allows us to go directly to a resource that will be able to follow up quickly. We work in transparency, because all members have access to the same information.

During the quality tests phase, JIRA creates a comprehensive list of corrections to make and assigns them to the appropriate resources. We also use it to present all optimization ideas that we want to offer our clients.


The Final Word

The important thing is to be surrounded by a passionate team of competent people. Web tools help facilitate and optimize work between those who wish to collaborate on a common goal. They cannot replace them!