Content Strategy is Key for JFL42 in 2015

JFL42 is the Toronto division of Just For Laughs, a unique event featuring 42 artists to choose from in addition to the headliners. Developed a couple of years ago, the festival's website showcases the participating artists while providing a unique interactive way to experience the festival. Always looking for new ways to enhance the user experience, JFL42's management team called on MultipleMedia to assist them in improving the festival’s content strategy and their online selling capabilities while limiting support calls.

The analysis of the website and the festival's strategic and operational challenges lead to an enhanced content strategy and global user experience. Significant updates were made to the information architecture of key pages, all labels were reconsidered and interactive wireframes were provided to illustrate the flow of user interactions at all steps of the online selling process.

Various UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) techniques were used in the redesign of the website to better assist users in finding the desired information and helping them make an easier shopping decision at every step of their journey. For example, a shopping wizard was conceived to assist the users in deciding the appropriate package and ticket options. The users’ journeys were also better planed thanks to the insertion of a clear linear description of the steps ahead.

The tangible benefits of these efforts include:

  • A simplified presentation of the Festival’s products
  • A more intuitive user experience
  • An optimized shopping experience

JFL42 will take place in Toronto from September 24th to October 3rd 2015. The whole MultipleMedia team is ready to make this event a great success! Will you be a part of it?