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Create an Editorial Calendar Tailored to Your Needs

An editorial calendar is a content management tool. See it as a dashboard that gives you an overview of your different social platforms. It helps you plan your upcoming publications and decide which topics to write about. It also helps you foresee the work to come and budget.

Ideally, you should be planning over a period of one year. Does this commitment feel too imposing? You can do a biannual or quarterly calendar or even ask our team for some help.

How to Start Building Your Editorial Calendar

It’s your planning tool. Build it to meet your needs. Your calendar can be very simple. You must at least include the date of publication and the subject.

Want to use this tool to its full potential? Consider including any other information you deem useful and relevant. It can be:

  • Name of the person who writes and approves
  • Name of the person to be consulted and informed
  • Publishing platform
  • Due date or publication date
  • Goals you wish to meet
  • Target audience
  • Allocated budget
  • Notes for translation
  • Keywords to use

Which Tools to Choose to Create the Perfect Editorial Calendar?

There are several planning tools on the market. A good old excel document or Google Sheet is an excellent alternative for small budgets.

Building an editorial calendar may seem laborious. Think about the benefits instead. By planning your publications well in advance, you are less likely to face a writer’s block or forget to talk about an important event.

Want to learn more about content strategy? Read my colleague’s article on the subject! It describes in six steps how to look after your brand in the social media age. All good communication starts with a good content strategy!

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