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IRSST is a non-profit organisation established in Quebec since 1980 that conducts and funds research to eliminate risks to occupational health and safety and promotes worker rehabilitation. The institute has developed a support tool for choosing the proper respiratory protection against infectious and non-infectious bioaerosols found in the workplace. In order to make this tool easily accessible, the IRSST partnered up with MultipleMedia for its conception and development.

Suggesting a user-friendly interface

To satisfy user requests, the interactive solution of a responsive microsite was put into place by MultipleMedia. The six-step process support tool, created by IRSST, was integrated into a microsite by MultipleMedia. On top of the website’s development, MultipleMedia’s team also designed the microsite’s branding, logo and graphic chart. A style guide in HTML/CSS format was also produced to accelerate the programming in the Institute’s technology and information department.

“The tool that was launched during two important events for the target audience (one in Quebec and the other one in Salt Lake City) received very favourable comments regarding the design as well as the interface’s user-friendliness” attests Mrs. Linda Savoie, Knowledge Transfer Support Coordinator at IRSST.

The different occupational health and safety stakeholders can now easily choose the proper respiratory protection against bioaerosols through an interesting interface.

For more details, take a look at the portfolio right now.


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