Digital events to keep warm this winter

It’s a known fact: winter is particularly cold in Quebec. Fortunately, Montrealers have developed, over time, several techniques to warm body and mind at once. Indeed, Montréal’s winter has its share of digital events interactive outdoor activities. For the more cautious, some interior suggestions are also part of the list.


IAB Canada - French Canada's Media Landscape & Metrics Conference
January 21st

Each year, Rob Young of PHD Canada presents the latest CMUST trends (Canadian Media Usage Trends). Learn more about the new technological platforms and content types that impact your consumers.

Entertainment Management Conference (EMC) - a look at the industry
January 22nd and 23rd

Students and young professionals, this multidisciplinary conference is for you! In order to introduce participants to industries outside the traditional academic curriculum, EMC offers a "hands-on" approach to various fields: film, music, nightlife, media and publishing, performance and visual arts, and gaming.

Grenier aux Nouvelles - 15 façons d’améliorer vos campagnes courriel
January 27th, ½ day (French only)

Hosted by Mark Morin, this first training session by Grenier aux Nouvelles is for marketing professionals to improve and optimize their email marketing practices, for better sales.

APCM - Repositionnement et internationalisation d’une marque
February 5th (French only)

APCM’s winter-spring programming has been released. The first case study discusses Lise Watier, a medium-sized Canadian company that aspires to conquer the world.

A total of 5 strategy lunches are planned for the winter-spring season, with topics to be announced soon (Lise Watier, Pure Vodka, Camso, Rona and Ubisoft).

Infopresse - 10 conferences to mark on your calendar
2016 (French only)

If you are of those who plan their whole year, you'll be pleased to learn that the 2016 calendar is already out. Once more, there is something for everyone.


Igloofest - for an interactive winter
Weekends from January 14th to February 6th

What’s better than to dance to international DJs while enjoying visual projections in your most colorful snowsuit? For my part, my answer includes Bonobo.

Montreal en Lumière - a 16th year for foodies to rejoice!
February 19th to March 1st

Discovering new places while strolling through different corners of the city, this is what I call a successful evening. In addition, there is something for all tastes and budgets: shows and concerts, fine dining, free outdoor site. At the top of my list: Le Design de Shenzhen en 24 affiches.

Nuit Blanche - a 12th gathering for all Montreal nightlife
February 28th

Visit museums at night; attend free dance lessons; sip hot chocolate or discover a new dish: February 28th, anything goes! Stay tuned for the announcement of the programming on February 9th .

Art Souterrain - a 7th year to discover the city from below
February 28th  to March 15th

Montreal has a huge underground network. Why not turn your daily comings and goings into an advanced art discovery? I bet you have time to see everything in two weeks if you put your mind to it!


If you still have some time after these events, enjoy a walk in the parks of the metropolis and put on a pair of skates to multiply happiness!