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Digital shift for the LPA, strategic positioning for the safety of navigation on the St. Lawrence River

The Laurentian Pilotage Authority (LPA) has maintained the website for more than ten years. In its role to operate, maintain and administer, in the interest of navigational safety, an efficient marine pilotage service in the territory it serves, the LPA regularly exchanges information with its various clienteles, marine pilots using its services, agencies and other shipping companies.

As part of its redesign plan, the LPA wanted to take the opportunity to increase its visibility with regards to its role in the safety and efficiency of marine navigation. A rigorous approach for defining and identifying the needs of its various clienteles represented an important step for the project in this context.

A research phase on the stakeholders’ needs led to the identification of personas, the development of a webspace strategy and the optimization of content adapted to its context, leading to the achievement of strategic objectives.

In addition to the inevitable adoption of a responsive display format, the adaptive redesign of the website prioritized the respect of the highest accessibility standards, a factor especially important since the LPA is a Federal Crown corporation. The site is therefore consistent with the latest standards of accessibility and usability recommended by the Chief Information Officer Branch, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. Always proactive, MultipleMedia’s team was not content with subscribing to minimum standards. Thus, additional efforts were made to ensure the site’s compliance with WGAC 2.0 AAA standards.

The LPA also seized the opportunity to design a new responsive newsletter for the occasion, contributing again to strengthening the accessibility and usability of its digital communications in general.

Finally, the selection of the MMCM CMS allowed the LPA managers to integrate a simple flexible and very safe content management tool to their procedure.

To every Laurentian area pilot and LPA’s other clients and partners, MultipleMedia wishes you good navigation!

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