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Extranet: Richelieu International Entrusts MultipleMedia

To meet Richelieu International’s general need to provide several tools with high productivity value for its existing members, MultipleMedia has developed a brand-new member portal.

It all began with a first phase of functional analysis, which made it possible to detail the functionalities to be developed. In addition to defining the technological orientation, the analysis specifies the various use cases and navigation scenarios in the form of specifications and wire frame.

With this, the development of the private section of the site sits on a solid foundation.

Hierarchy of Rights, Role Management, and Access to Information

With close to 3,000 members, Richelieu International is a very large group that must have a capacity for role management adapted to the scale of its needs. To address some information access issues, MultipleMedia configured seven roles that can access and edit different content elements, depending on their needs.

  • Super user
  • Director of Richelieu International
  • Director of Club
  • Director of Foundation
  • Liaison officer
  • Editor
  • Member

extranet | Richelieu International | espace des membres | section privée

Automated Profile Creation

To simplify profile creation, future members fill out their online membership form through a public page. Once the application is completed, an alert is automatically sent to the administrator of Richelieu International. The super user can also view the complete waiting list and approve registrations from the site.

Once the member is accepted, his profile is automatically created from the information provided in his membership form. A member number is automatically assigned to him.

Custom ID Systems

In the initial WordPress configurations, creating a new member used the email address as the primary identifier. Since most members are over 60 years old, it is not surprising that they do not all have one. To better respond to this clientele, the identification element had to be adapted during the mandate.

To make the connection with the member space possible, MultipleMedia reviewed the identification system and related modules (login, forgotten password, profile update).

Advanced Search Engine

To simplify access to data, advanced search features have been integrated into several locations of the member portal. Although WordPress has a basic search module, MultipleMedia’s customized development made it possible to meet the more specific needs of the Club, such as multi-criteria search and rapid queries.

In this way, members can consult the members’ directory to extract unique lists according to the selected criteria (region, club, gender, functions, etc.). The same type of advanced search is also possible through the clubs’ directory (year of foundation, address, number, etc.).

extranet | Richelieu International | espace des membres | section privée

Election Report

Like most associations, each Richelieu International club holds an annual election to select the representatives of its Board of Directors. MultipleMedia has made these reports completely dynamic to facilitate access management.

Each year, the clubs’ administrators will be able to complete an on-line election report form indicating elected members for each function. By submitting it, the role changes (incoming or outgoing members) will automatically apply to the members’ descriptions in their respective profiles.

To maintain the change history, a separate database has been configured. Each report creates a new entry. The advanced search engine is also configured in this section to easily retrieve the desired information.

This Is Just the Beginning

Throughout the project, collaboration within our two teams brought to life a host of ideas for the evolution of the platform. It is therefore not surprising that the second phase of development is in the works. See you in a few months for the unveiling of these new features!

Although their meetings are in French, Richelieu International is open to all, without any language discrimination. The organization welcomes everyone that wants to learn or perfect its French.

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