GTI Canada: over 27 years in business celebrated with an updated web presence!

GTI Canada has been working in the IT industry for over 27 years. To demonstrate the company’s pioneering vision toward technology, MultipleMedia led it to a responsive redesign. It is through comprehensive strategic support, from ideation to optimization that we anchored the pillars of our digital partnership.

Complementary Areas of Expertise

Separated by only 6 floors, MultipleMedia and GTI Canada are sister companies. It is through the exchange of services, but especially the sharing of expertise that the complementarity of our businesses evolves. As digital partner, MultipleMedia took over this redesign project by advocating collaboration with the GTI team through strategic advice.

Digital strategy serving ... services

Every project starts with an analysis phase. The fruit of strategic thinking and the exchange of ideas, we suggested optimized information architecture. It is said that a group strengthens each of its stakeholders. So it is for the GTI services. Now grouped into three distinct categories, they benefit from increased visibility on each page, allowing users to access them quickly.

Thinking through the website in mobile first, given that smartphone usage statistics are constantly on the rise, MultipleMedia optimized the site and its content display for any device.

A conversation with GTI

As the latest version of the site dated considerably, its redesign was the perfect opportunity to revise its digital identity and update its content. It is now more complete and better structured, all in a pleasant visual environment.

«After 27 years in business, redesigning a website is a challenge. I was impressed by MultipleMedia’s strategic advice and support throughout the project. Results-oriented, they have designed a site that demonstrates not only GTI’s expertise and passion for information technology, but also a platform that will stimulate exchange and communication with our customers. "

- Christian Coutu, President & Chief Executive Officer of GTI Canada

To increase interactivity and communication with their customers, MultipleMedia also developed a blog. Through this platform, GTI will inform its clients of new technologies and instigate dialogue regularly. The WordPress platform was selected, inter alia, for its easy use in content management. To ensure a better understanding of its operation, training was also included with the user guide’s presentation.

The achievement of communication objectives can also be enhanced by email marketing. With an open rate of 21.57% in 2015 in the IT industry, email marketing remains one of the best means of communication in B2B. In setting up the newsletter’s registration process, MultipleMedia consolidated a strong contact database for GTI. They thus have the tools to transform their communicational strategy.

Do not think that the launch of the website means the end of the project. Some wonderful things are on their way in 2016!