Insurance is Evolving: significant optimization of the website platform

Since its launch in 2013, Intact Insurance’s website platform Insurance is Evolving presents content about climate change and its impacts on home insurance. In 2015, its managers wanted to enrich the digital platform mission to bring awareness to its customers by making a major content update. This true flagship in the field of insurance, which targets all Canadian provinces, was designed with the best technology on the market.

The website, developed on MultipleMedia’s custom CMS, now presents content about auto insurance and business risk management as well as tips for consumers to reduce their premiums and protect their property. Curious visitors can obtain information about the impact of various factors related to weather and technological change on insurance. The site is also decorated with various facts related to the field of insurance.

This website is unique in the industry in that it provides tips and facts to consumers seeking to protect their property. This preventive and educational content for Canadians highlights brilliantly Intact Insurance’s leadership and its commitment to continuing its outreach efforts. MultipleMedia is proud to be a partner of choice in this adventure!