InVision: Design and Real-Time Collaboration

InVision is a young company founded in 2011 that can easily be characterized as a start-up with a rapid takeover of the market in recent years. Indeed, this collaboration platform, which improves both the management of a creative project and its presentation, is increasingly popular with web-based agencies (MultipleMedia is totally sold on its benefits). A simple reading of their signature suffices to show this shared vision.

Design better. Faster. Together.


A Staple In Our Design Toolbox

At MultipleMedia, we don’t like to hide anything. To prove it here’s a little tour of InVision through our best tips and tricks. Discover the real benefits associated with the use of this tool. First off: you will see an increased collaboration between our agency and your team (we have thoroughly tested this approach).

InVision | moodboard

Improve the Ideation and Presentation Processes

Proper support makes all the difference during a presentation! It may seem insignificant, but it’s essential to convey the right message. Indeed, who would, for example, enjoy a delicious slice of pizza delivered in an old shoe? Treating the appearance of the container with care (a proper pizza box vs an old shoe) according to the content therein (the delicious slice) immediately puts us in appetite through context.

Thus, the era of presenting a website on a piece of paper is long gone since the web now has its own identity, revealed through the right interactive media. Here are two distinct viewing modes offered by InVision to meet this need.

After Pinterest and Instagram, InVision’s Board

First of all, there’s the board option. This space, greatly appreciated during the ideation process, is used to bring together image compositions, colours, fonts and word clouds, all embedded in a flexible grid that looks like Pinterest or Instagram. In other words, we could compare it to a vast canvas that shows all the creative ideas related to the current project. Therefore, the table is often used to design a mood board as it facilitates the sharing process and visual hierarchy, while encouraging discussion.

The Prototype to Understand Interactivity

Secondly, we have the prototype view, often used during the presentation of a graphic model. Indeed, when one wishes to demonstrate the interactivity of our projects, this tool is a must. It is particularly of interest in visualizing different effects (submenus, rollovers, overlay, etc.). Thus, this dynamic feature allows the user to fully understand the digital experience. Essentially, the prototype mode reflects the actual rendering of the website development.

InVision | Commentaires

Simplify Communication Between the Team and the Customer

Another feature that greatly facilitates the process of creation is the comment option. With this view, accessible both by our team and our clients, everyone is able to add their input directly on the same model.

Clearly identified by author—whether they have a profile or not—comments can also be annotated. This real-time communication system saves hundreds of emails filled with screenshots or hours of copying notes handwritten on a printed version, for example. Let’s cheers to more time for what matters: the design of your project!

The cherry on top: the whole team involved in the project will automatically receive an email notification letting them know about recent additions to the model. Thus, everyone is kept in the loop and no important information is left behind.

Specify Our Exchange

InVision gives us access to different types of comments that do not necessarily cater to the same needs. Let’s strengthen our collaboration with the right communication tool.


Visible to people with access to the model, the comment is for the whole development team or clients who received the project’s URL. It is especially used during exchanges between the client and the team.

It allows, for example, to specify the content to be changed, the images to be approved, the corrections to be made on the model, the outstanding issues which needs to be addressed, etc.


Notes are visible by project collaborators only. The term “collaborator” refers to a person who has the right to change or contribute to the content of the model.

Let’s save you our technical details. They make life much easier for our integrators without adding anything more to the client presentation.

Tour Point

This note appears in the presentation without even activating the comment option. Flashing, it is mostly used to highlight an item that requires further explanation, like the elements only visible in production.

It highlights some interactions to be programmed such as the presence of an animated GIF, HTML 5 animation, a parallax effect, etc.


A Promising, Multidisciplinary Future For This Company

InVision is more than a web application for building interactive models. A diverse and rewarding community revolves around it.

Their blog discusses topics related to current events, best practices in UX/UI and latest updates, while their LABS space lists several free extensions that facilitate the work of web designers.

This company won’t stop surprising us with the invention of new tools that enhance the fluidity and efficiency of web workers.


Do you also use InVision? We can’t wait to hear about your best practices!