If you are not familiar with the different digital agency jobs or if it is sometimes difficult to identify who does what and why in a digital agency, this article is made for you!


We could break down the chain of work into 3 areas of expertise:


We invite you to refer to our previous blog post if you wish to know the roles and responsibilities of the Consulting Service. This article will take you behind the scenes of a web agency studio.


1.      The Artistic Director

The Artistic Director is the visual manager of each project. He is always aware of rapidly evolving design trends and technologies. The Artistic Director leads all the projects, be they web sites, mobile applications, or interactive campaigns.


He intervenes at all stages of the creation process of a project:

  • Development of digital creative concepts
  • UX strategic thinking
  • Design and creation of supports and interfaces


The Artistic Director works with his team of Web Designers. He collaborates closely with the Copywriter so that texts and visuals are in perfect harmony.

2.      The Web Designer

The Web Designer participates at all stages of the creation process of a project. She shares her ideas during brainstorming.


She designs and produces web interfaces adapted to customer issues and new technological challenges. Her daily routine includes:

  • Developing graphic charts
  • Collaborating on the design of graphic models of web sites and mobile applications
  • Offering a range of models according to the supported media


The Web Designer ensures the visual quality of the deliverables and their integration with the various platforms.


3.      The Copywriter

The Copywriter is responsible for the textual message of each project. She works with the Artistic Director. She is part of the creation process of a project and contributes to it greatly by designing and writing creative concepts.


The Copywriter plays with words to compose advertising slogans and other catchy texts adapted to each web support. Sponsored advertising will not offer the same text on all social platforms!


The next Digital Agency Job post will introduce you to the various missions and responsibilities of the Development Team.


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