The Jobs in a Digital Agency —Part 1: The Consulting Team.

If you are not familiar with the different digital agency jobs or if it is sometimes difficult to identify who does what and why in a digital agency, this article is for you!

We could break down the chain of work into 3 areas of expertise:

  • The Consulting Services
  • The Creative Team
  • The Development Team

This chain of work also applies (in general) to the order of appearance of the specialists on your digital project.


1.      The Director of Consulting Services

The Director of Consulting Services reports directly to the President of the agency. She plays a key role in the agency.

She is, all at once:

  • Strategist for important customer contracts
  • In charge of her team’s performance
  • Responsible for project planning

In short, she has more than one string on her bow and knows how to inspire her team thanks to her natural charisma. This team player is obviously passionate about the digital environment that punctuates her daily life!


2.      The Director of Digital Strategies

The Director of Digital Strategies oversees projects from a strategic and tactical point of view. He develops the strategic plan to achieve the client’s business objectives, and knows all the digital marketing methods available to achieve them.

The Director of Digital Strategies is the initiator of tactics that will generate measurable results. He knows both how to evaluate the scope of a web action and how to measure its performance.

He collaborates with a team of specialized digital experts, as we will see.


3.      The Web Project Manager

Like all project managers, the Web Project Manager is the conductor of the project. She is the customer’s key contact. She controls budgets and deadlines and makes the connection between each specialist. In short, she makes sure that the project goes like clockwork!

Because she’s a web specialist, she requires a lot of other knowledge. Indeed, the Web Project Manager must be able to:

  • Understand the goals and challenges of a digital strategy
  • Brief web designers, developers, and programmers on different projects
  • Understand and explain technical constraints to the client


4.      The Digital Marketing Analyst (or Digital Strategist)

The Digital Marketing Analyst is responsible for the operational implementation of digital marketing campaigns. She analyzes and optimizes their performance. Her role is both strategic and operational.

Her main missions are around the following components:

  • SEO campaign management, keyword research, web site audit
  • Planning and setting up sponsored social media campaigns
  • Analysis of statistical data via Google Analytics to evaluate the performance of a web site.
  • Production of detailed campaign reports to measure campaign performance and suggest adjustments.


To learn more about the missions and responsibilities of the creative team of a web agency, do not miss our next blog post.

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