Just for laughs: a completely immersive experience developed by MultipleMedia, to discover!

This year, Just for Laughs is trying something new! The Festival, which is one of the world's most famous events, has such an impressive story. MultipleMedia took on the mission to make it shine through a new highly innovative digital presence!

MultipleMedia aimed to stimulate online sales by offering an immersive user experience and an adjusted offer. We can say mission accomplished for the digital agency that created a living and unified universe around each show in the Just for Laughs Festival.


Unforgettable brand experience


From the home page, the user is propelled into the universe of each show. The calls for action are characterized by a more evocative approach to purchasing.

The carousel, a true innovation, expands the current boundaries of responsive design, covering all types of devices and screen sizes, from the small iPhone4 to the 75 inch screen!

By transmitting an evocative message, the carousel showcases each show through a funny and even magical experience.

From the Mary Poppins musical, which illustrates interaction design at its best, to the promotion of the Festival’s passports, the carousel adapts to a range of products.


MEGA menu: reinvented navigation


The big news in the site's information architecture lies in its menu that allows an aggregation of sections from several sites in a way that is as transparent as it is minimalist .

With its rich navigation that goes beyond conventional responsiveness (5 media queries for the more tech savvy), the Mega menu is one click away from any page or section of the site, extending the immersive experience of the homepage into its navigation.

Its great flexibility allows structuring sections of the site differently depending on the language and easily prioritizing them with the new icons.


Funny Videos: a mastery of the YouTube API


Who doesn’t know the Just for Laughs gags? This original content viewed millions of times around the globe stimulates interactivity while being easily accessible through the new search engine.

No matter the time of year, there is something hilarious in each new page of funny videos!


A wizard in the Box Office!


You know that passport deals are awesome, but need help choosing the best package? MultipleMedia has developed a tool to make your life easier!

You prefer your comedy in English than French, or maybe you are bilingual? You plan your nights out six months in advance or you’re looking for last minute tickets for a spontaneous date? Whatever makes you laugh, your passport offering is designed especially for you.

Through seamless integration of ticketing solutions such as Weezevent and Ticketmaster, hahaha.com now offers a completely fluid buying process for the end user.


Staying on top of what's on "Today"


Created especially for the onsite festival goers, the "Today" section offers a dynamic view of the calendar, allowing visitors to plan their journey through the Place des Festivals. From last minute offers to Street art, the daily schedule is automated to display current and upcoming presentations.

Available year round, the dynamic timeline includes all shows, from tours to Festival. Also part of the search filters, choosing your next show has never been easier!


Social media at the heart of content strategy


MultipleMedia and Just for Laughs promote editorial content from each performance well beyond the borders of the website.

Laughter is honoured on various social platforms where fans interact with the funniest videos and notable performances: a real community sharing happiness!


The funniest artists


To each artist its biography and each biography its show! Through a stronger presence, the directory of all artists contributes to spread laughter throughout the entire website.


Advanced search engine


Developed on Elasticsearch, the most powerful open source technology that exists, Just for Laughs’ search engine is the culmination of a major R & D mandate!

With many filters and exhaustive classification tags, this tool enables quick and relevant searches across all the content of the site! Shows, artists, funny videos, or new jobs, anything goes!

Along with navigation, the search box is everywhere. First on the home page, then on the menu, the search is truly at the user's service!


The Just for Laughs Festival reinvents its digital experience to make its presence indispensable. From strategy and ideation to branding and development of a seamless user experience, MultipleMedia is proud to have achieved this major project!

With that amount of digital creativity, hahaha.com is expecting a crowd to celebrate laughter in Montreal! Get ready; from July 16 to 31, it’s Festival time!