Just for Laughs’ website evolves for the 2015 Festival edition!

In preparation for the Festival, the Just for Laughs’ website and Group strengthens its partnership with MultipleMedia to redesign sections of hahaha.com to increase online sales and to better structure the vast array of content found on its website. The project brings together five major developments, accomplished in record time!

  • Optimizing the Festival Box Office
  • Layout of show pages
  • Redesign of the tourism section
  • Overhaul of the JPR Management and Agency sections
  • Optimizing the mobile version


A ticket to the simplified purchase path


In order to improve the process of buying tickets and Passport packages on the hahaha.com website and thus increase online sales, MultipleMedia conducted a 3-step analysis:

  • Identification of current purchasing path on hahaha.com
  • Recognition of current user experience problems
  • Recommendation of a new user path

Just for Laughs offers multiple navigation paths to purchase show tickets. If the group's flagship site, hahaha.com, represents one of the main routes, a user can also be prompted to purchase from Facebook or e-mail.

Supported by Google Analytics’ data, the different purchase paths were studied and compared in order to highlight possible improvements.

MultipleMedia therefore proposed a simplified purchasing solution that guides the consumer through three stages (choice of passport type, purchase and selection of tickets) by standardizing the route and the shopping experience from the different entrances.

By unifying the sales channel in the new "Box Office" section, the consumer completes their transaction with only a few clicks. The streamlined process now includes cross-selling more prominently for both tickets and Passport packages.

The show dates and purchase links have, meanwhile, improved visibility.

We now invite you to experience the new path by booking your tickets. Stay abreast of the innovations that are in the works for 2016!


A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious show pages layout!

In preparation for the 2016 edition of the Festival, MultipleMedia has supported the promotional activities of the Mary Poppins musical, a Serge Postigo production, through its candidate selection process.

The organization of information has been reviewed in show pages to include more content while also modifying its structure. Adjustments to the Mary Poppins page module have been made to give more visibility to casting.

This restructuring has indeed raised many applications. Keep your eyes on the new cast starting June 2016!



450x400-tourismeMore and more tourists are attending the Just for Laughs Festival each year. With this in mind, MultipleMedia has supported the Tourism team in the redesign of this section of the site to provide an ever better adapted user experience.

By gathering all the information related to tourism in their dedicated section as well as in the Box Office, the content was expanded and the information organization reviewed to improve its structure. The information search process is now more intuitive for the user.

Flexible, the website content varies depending on the period, allowing a greater visibility to tourist and corporate packages on the Box Office during the Festival. The tourism section also has a dynamic display in order to always inform visitors in a better way.



Another way to see our favorite artists!

450x400-managementThe Just for Laughs Group is also targeting a corporate market, as a provider of artist management services, but also through corporate event organization.

To put forward the fine array of talent managed by the Group by increasing their visibility, MultipleMedia supports JPR Management in its digital activities.

The structure of information related to these two services has been revised to complement the Group's service offering. The hahaha.com website now offers more visibility to its artists by expanding their profiles (description, videos, Social Media, website), allowing users to select the talents that best fit their events.


An improvement after another: mobile, web chat, funny videos

With the increased use of smartphones and mobile devices, the optimization of the website’s mobile version and the integration of web chat are improvements that allow Just for Laughs to improve its customer service and reach a wider target. The comedy fan will also be pleased to learn that MultipleMedia also enhanced the "funny videos" section, for the delight of all! Various elements were also part of the overall redesign project to improve hahaha.com from every angle.


Towards the 2016 edition

450x400-victorMultipleMedia is proud to have participated in this important event and contributed to the success of the 2015 edition of the Just for Laughs Festival! Several million consumers were reached through email marketing. Many SEM campaigns were monitored daily, while ensuring the development of the website and several projects in parallel!

It is through the synergy of a dedicated team, working mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends during the Festival and its preparation, that our digital partnership with the comedy giant took place!

Although the 2016 Festival doesn’t start until June, the team is already in preparation mode with practical tools, clear training plans, and its usual enthusiasm! Stay tuned to witness the achievements of MultipleMedia!