Magento 2, Novatech Group’s New Platform

The Novatech Group has recently migrated its website from Magento 1 to 2, for performance concern for consumers, but especially to simplify content management.

More than a version migration, but real platform transition, this project is a good example of overcoming technological challenges!

Simplified Management of Multilingual Content

Imagine a catalogue of 130 products each holding characteristics that can be updated, as sizes, options and finishes. Now imagine working in 7 regions speaking 4 different languages. Managing multilingual content through 4 different pages for the same product actually creates great administrative redundancy.

The management of product availability at each retailer not being optimal, MultipleMedia reviewed all of the underlying mechanisms for a more efficient automated management.

Languages and available retailers’ edition on the same page, that’s simplified content management!

Better Visibility of Retailers

The Novatech Group has 4 main product categories (entry doors, doorglass, patio doors, insulated glass and specialty products).

To encourage retailers to keep more lines of products, MultipleMedia reviewed priority rules of display in retailers list’s search results. The more categories of products are available in stores, the better the retailer’s visibility gets.


As countries have an impact on the availability of products, a geolocation feature has been added to the website. With IP address recognition, there is no need to disrupt the user experience with a pop-up upon arrival. The catalogue is automatically updated.

Redesign of The Customer Area

That’s not all. The redesign of the customer area is in full swing. By 2018, the user experience of the Novatech Group will have been reviewed on its various digital platforms, applying B2C UX trends to B2B!

We’ll let you know very soon…