Marketing Automation, what is it?

Marketing Automation, the Definition!

Basically, we talk about a marketing automation software or a technology that allows to perform, automate, and track a variety of marketing efforts. It often refers to a program developed to do repetitive tasks and is often seen as a subset of a CRM. The purpose of such a tool is to obtain a specific conversion. Whether it is capturing an email address, encouraging a website visit, driving a video view, encouraging a webinar registration, or the purchasing of a product, marketing automation must have a SMART objective.

Nowadays, Marketing Automation includes designing specific workflows, creating scenarios, triggering events, automating customized responses, dynamic content…name it!

It is now way more complex than simply email marketing. The industry has shifted to consider many more communication channels and touchpoints.

The whole point of all this is very simple: to provide the right information (content, offers…) to the right people across the right channels beyond the right time and the traditional funnel.

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Most common features in Marketing Automation.

  • Integrated marketing campaigns: here, we talk about customers’ profiles, segmentation, workflows, events…
  • Leads creation:  it is all about creating content to attract, identify, nurture, score and convert prospects. We talk lead identification, online forms, gamification …
  • Marketing Analytics and Resource Management: we talk about internal collaboration, sharing of documents, campaigns synchronization between various departments …
  • Advanced customization: testing, segmentation and optimization features to obtain a more personal and more optimized customer experience, therefore better marketing results. Here, we talk about A/B testing, dynamic content personalization, dynamic landing pages …


What do you need to consider in terms of Marketing Automation Software?

Here are some key factors for you to keep in mind:

  • Dashboard

It provides you with a fully customizable dashboard. With its simple drag and drop interface, you can arrange the charts and create the best interface to satisfy your needs.

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  • Relationships

It is designed to help you build powerful, meaning relationships with people. Once a contact is identified, every interaction is available to you in their profile. As the relationships grows, you can segment them manually, or automatically, based on the criteria you design.

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  • Campaigns

First, you choose your assets: white papers, videos and blog posts etc., as well as any dynamic content, forms, landing pages and thank you pages. They are then delivered by numerous different channels such as emails, web notifications, SMS text messages and social channels.

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  • Custom Builder

You can create landing pages and emails by dragging and dropping elements onto a page. Embedding a form on a landing page is one popular way of gaining new leads.

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  • Integrations

It allows you to manage the complete end-to-end customer experience. You can move contacts into your CRM, use a plugin to embed forms or dynamic content right on your website … As an opens source solution, it is constantly evolving.


  • Reports

Customized reports allow you to get very detailed information, drilling into the contacts data as much as you need.

 marketing automatisé

Mautic, MultipleMedia’s Technological Choice.

Mautic is a marketing automation software. It is an open source platform that provides you with a high level of integration and deep business intelligence, enabling you to make more meaningful customer connections. Its license allows access to its source code, and other development possibilities.

The main advantages are the flexibility, the independence, the sustainability (because virtually eternal), the openness (no problem adding modules extensions) and especially the quality (guaranteed by the substantial number of feedbacks).



If you need more info about Marketing Automation, contact a Digital Agency such as MultipleMedia.