MONDIAL DES JEUX LOTO-QUÉBEC, the 2015 website’s evolution

The Mondial des jeux Loto-Québec is a major multiplayer festival in the Montreal gaming world. Its first annual edition, in 2014, attracted a crowd of more than 150 000 festivalgoers over 15 days!

MultipleMedia took part in the 2015 website’s evolution in order to adapt it to the company’s new branding, but moreover in the project’s strategic planning.

The revamp of the website gives great visibility to the promotions offered by the Mondial des jeux’s partners while informing festivalgoers from outside Montreal, guiding tourists through the different activities offered. We can feel the participants’ excitement, and next year’s events are sure to attract a crowd!

Visual changes were also made to the website as a whole, by allowing the integration of social networks and enhancing customer loyalty through newsletters, hence giving a greater visibility to the different communication channels.

Following MultipleMedia’s recommendations to increase interactivity, the display of the major Festival events was enhanced to give them a better visibility, making the user experience more fluid.

A team up for the challenge

The revamp of represents a fine example of proactivity in terms of strategic planning. It’s indeed part of all stages of our projects, constantly challenging concepts to push them further.

MultipleMedia does not just deliver a website; work also continues after the launch. A technology watch allowed us, among other things, to propose improvements, the World Wide Web demanding constant changes.

See you in July 2016 to see what the Festival and its website have to offer!