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MultipleMedia Excels In the Field Of Insurance

During the past year, MultipleMedia has been pleased once again to complete several projects for insurance companies across Canada, further strengthening its expertise in this sector. Combined with their desire to push the boundaries of digital technology, their extensive knowledge of the insurance industry has allowed them to participate in cutting-edge projects for the benefit of users.

In fact, in recent years, the number of mobile devices, screen resolutions and browsers has increased significantly. For these reasons, more and more companies are realizing the necessity of having a responsive website. This is the case of our clients in the insurance field, such as BrokerLink, Intact Insurance, MCTI Insurance and Anthony Insurance, who have all made the jump to responsive Web in 2013-2014.

Summary of projects completed by MultipleMedia in 2014 on behalf of insurance companies

For BrokerLink, an insurance broker with about a hundred offices in Ontario and Alberta, MultipleMedia conducted the complete update of their responsive website, in addition to incorporating geolocation features. Another project led to the creation of a new online quote application that is advanced, responsive and supported by another joint navigation application. The latter application allows customer service agents to complete an application in real time, jointly with users.

As part of the Intact Insurance’s campaign "Insurance is evolving", MultipleMedia has developed a website providing content and educational tools for Canadian consumers. MultipleMedia has pushed the boundaries of user experience design by presenting diverse content in an interactive format that supports the objectives of the brand while adding playfulness to the experience of calculating insurance coverage needs.

For Anthony Insurance, a Newfoundland and Labrador broker, MultipleMedia carried out a full overhaul of the website to breathe new life into the company’s image. The company was also looking to preserve and reinforce its search engine position, a mandate which MultipleMedia enthusiastically took on. The new adaptive website spotlights the accessibility of the broker’s different branches and offers localised information right from the homepage.

Finally, Macdonald, Chrisolm Trask Insurance, an insurance broker with 18 branches in the Maritimes, launched their blog in September 2014 within an adaptive website.



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