MultipleMedia: expert service for professional orders and associations

MultipleMedia’s clients include serveral important associations in Quebec and throughout Canada. For several of these large organizations, the increased number of members presents many challenges, from providing access to a wide range of products and services to dealing with significant regional differences in the availability of resources and the number of stakeholders.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team and creative digital solutions, multiplemedia deploys successful content management platforms that serve the unique needs of each association.

APCHQ: a customizable CMS

The website for the APCHQ — the builders' association of Quebec — needs to house a great deal of content, while the decentralized, regional nature of the organization necessitates very specific content management features. The site therefore integrates several levels of CMS access for each section, for each page, and even for the types of content on a single page. Automatic content syndication allows certain content to be published simultaneously in several different sections of the site, while automatic restriction requires users to enter their username and password to view exclusive content on members-only portions of the site. In total, eighteen transactional website are thus managed from one same CMS, MMCM-cms.

CAA-Quebec — just a click away

CAA-Quebec, a MultipleMedia client of several years, wanted to offer its members service that was adapted to their exact location. So MultipleMedia created three responsive, geolocalized applications that allow users to locate garages, businesses, and other areas of interest recommended by CAA-Quebec, all in close proximity to the user’s current location.

Complex content and geolocalization management applications — perfectly in synch with MultipleMedia’s drive to push back the limits of digital technology!

ACDQ adheres to Canada’s anti-spam law

The Quebec Association of Dental Surgeons (ACDQ) regularly communicates with its members via email. With Canada’s anti-spam legislation, which came into effect last summer, ACDQ’s managers were forced to update their mailing lists and obtain permission from their members regarding certain communications. The association asked MultipleMedia to assist them in their efforts to comply with the law. Although the project was initially focused on legal adherence, it evolved into an email-based marketing project that transformed a simple consent form into an integrated space for managing ACDQ email preferences, with new responsive email templates to adapt to every screen resolution.