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MultipleMedia & Le Groupe Maurice: responsive blog and revealing A/B tests

To broaden the horizons of promotional activities and enrich the content of Le Groupe Maurice’s website, MultipleMedia conducted the redesign of their blog, an innovative communication space.

A sphere to be closer to customers

Le Groupe Maurice has taken an open and diverse direction towards its communications, allowing them to effectively reach its current and future customers. These actions were strongly supported by MultipleMedia through strategic considerations leading to the blog redesign. Through optimizing the content structure and navigation, readers can easily find their way through its rich content.

"Our goal with the new blog was to promote all the news about Le Groupe Maurice. Because of the range of topics addressed, it was essential to organize information in order to find what you're looking for. We can say mission accomplished. With the recommendations of MultipleMedia, the final product is effective and attractive", says Judith Neveu, Marketing Director at Le Groupe Maurice.

Tests to deeply understand user behavior

Along with the design of the blog, MultipleMedia also conducted the optimization of the website to ensure a robust presence in the search engines. A/B testing has meanwhile offered a unique perspective on user behavior. This valuable information for Le Groupe Maurice will certainly serve them for the next steps in their website’s optimization.

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