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MultipleMedia Optimizes Multi-Client Private Coaching Application For CRINQ Leadership

Four years ago, MultipleMedia developed a collaborative e-coaching and e-learning platform for CRINQ Leadership (formerly AREVELK). The idea behind the project was to create a "mini Sharepoint" that is very specific to the needs, or to offer remote coaching services for corporate managers. To offer them a flexible and affordable solution, the need for an interactive platform, which supports the efforts of managers, was born.

CRINQ Leadership | application d'entreprise

Initial Features

The developed application, around which the business model gravitates entirely, brings together several features common to a social network. The coached manager thus has a profile, an inbox, and a private directory to store information. They can also access a virtual library available to all.

To support the long-term training program (usually a dozen sessions over 6 to 12 months), the participant and his / her coach share a development journal that gathers exchanges before, during and after the coaching sessions.

CRINQ Leadership | application d'entreprise

Growing Needs

Over time, the need for a second version quietly grew. This was necessary to keep the platform optimized, but it was especially the new needs of Concordia University, a strategic partner, that triggered the demand.

Indeed, Concordia’s team wanted to offer its customers a fully branded platform. This need is reflected in the visual customization of the platform (logo and institutional colors), but also in the content offered (Concordia-specific virtual library and a list showing only the University’s participants).

The second version of the application maintains its multi-client function while integrating access management for each company:

  • CRINQ Leadership
  • John Molson School of Business (Concordia)

Dedicated hosting optimizations ensure better performance and flexibility in the maintenance of the platform.

A Very Well Received Agile Project

To remain agile in the development and frugal in the costs, the CRINQ team was heavily involved in the project, with extremely precise functional specifications and detailed use cases. Through collaborative screen-sharing sessions and development and testing sprints during the customer's down time, MultipleMedia and CRINQ used a highly flexible hybrid approach for both parties.

"The flexibility of MultipleMedia, our digital partner, allowed us to optimize the technical team's capabilities to meet our schedule and budget targets with very minimal efforts and well-managed, optimized impacts on both sides. "

- Patrick Doyon, PEng, MSc, CEd, MBA, CEC/ACC, Principal and Founding Partner of CRINQ

The partnership between MultipleMedia and CRINQ combines an excellent knowledge of the application by the development team with flexible hosting and management services. Hence, it ensures the longevity of the business relationship by greatly minimizing the risks while increasing the power of the offer on the market.

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