Novatech Group features a New Extranet

Targeting Professional Customers (Pre-Assemblers, Glass Factories, Retailers and Architects), Novatech Group's digital B2B web platform was revised during a redesign, inspired by a modern B2C experience and by the company’s colors.

The previous version of the client area had a dated interface that did not reflect branding, tedious client access management, and limited functionality.


The Novatech Group's new customer area.


The Novatech Group's new customer area offers a user-friendly bilingual interface through which the user can access a set of relevant information according to their profile.

This development, based mainly on the Symfony PHP framework, allowed us to offer a responsive and powerful web interface. The advantage of such a solution is that it allows customized needs to be met in a flexible and scalable way.

Novatech Group's business customers can request access by registering via the web, following which a validation process makes it possible to approve it. Access profile management then enables corporate client managers to manage additional individual access for their own employees. In addition to presenting regular web content such as news, information and downloadable content pages, integration with different systems provides a richer and more centralized experience. Thus, via the use of web services and import tasks, different information is integrated such as:


  • the product information available on the Magento consumer website is made available, retrievable, and enhanced with additional information;
  • the history of orders placed by a customer;
  • registration to newsletters according to the customer's preference.
  • the use by the administration of the customer space of complete interfaces based on the MultipleMedia RAD framework.




Key Elements about our B2B Solution for Novatech's Group

  • New responsive interface with Novatech colors
  • Bilingual interface, according to customer preference
  • Customers can create access via the web: a Novatech manager then has to validate and approve it
  • Integration of Magento content via webservices
  • Allows you to link customer access automatically to a relevant newsletter list according to their preference / consent (i.e. checkbox before being registered)
  • Management of exclusive content to customers that may vary according to their profile and needs (eg pre-assemblers, glassworks, architectural retailers), news, etc.
  • View history of recent orders
  • Enables a Novatech customer manager to manage additional employee access without systematically going through Novatech's customer service
  • Scalable and flexible platform, based on the Symfony PHP framework, to gradually extend the features offered.
  • Use of RAD for the administration console of the customer area.


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