QuickSeries Just Launched Their Responsive Website, Thanks to MultipleMedia

Ever struggle to fit lots of information into a concise booklet, eGuide, or app? QuickSeries Publishing has just the skills to help you out.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, they’re expert in synthesizing complex content into pocket guides, eGuides and various other mobile formats. Thanks to their team of unique talents in the fields of writing, editing, IT, and mobile development, they’ve reached customers across North America with generic and personalised publications, exhibiting their ability to adapt and distill complicated information into easy-to-understand formats that everyone can use.

Website Revamp Objectives

While their sales and marketing team have been successful in promoting their offering through outbound calling efforts, their main website build initially in 2009 has not followed through with the company’s latest brand positioning and product offering. The management team wished to update quickseries.com to:

  • Increase the brand’s notoriety and generate more leads
  • Update the brand positioning, product offering and general information architecture of the site accordingly with their customer segmentation
  • Make the website responsive and easy to navigate across all devices
  • Optimize its ranking in search engines (SEO)
  • Manage its content simply thanks to a non-proprietary, easy-to-use CMS based on open standard technologies

Elasticsearch, the Ace Up Your Sleeve

QuickSeries | Elasticsearch | search engine | moteur de recherche

To present an optimized content structure that meets the end users most relevant navigation paths, MultipleMedia developed a search engine with advanced capabilities based on Elasticsearch technology. The new tool helps users browse through the extensive content with suggested categories and auto-complete functionalities. Due to his key role, the search engine is easily accessible on each page, with a maximized visibility on mobiles.

With over 1000 and growing titles and an infinite number of ways to browse the catalogue with relevant keywords, providing the quickest way to filter search results as the users sees fit will distinctively separate QuickSeries from its competitors with a smooth, intuitive, and fast user experience on all devices.

API Connection, Content Integration at a Glance

With productivity in mind, MultipleMedia developed a connector that links the API created by QuickSeries from their database to their website. Thanks to that functionality, the website is always up to date. Related topics, new editions, and updated products automatically display on the website. Limiting content integration to a single place, this tool makes content managers’ lives easier!

Great Formats, Better Visibility

QuickSeries | iconography | formats

Part of the responsive overhaul includes the conception of a mobile menu. Its conviviality and ability to clearly display multiple elements make it also useful in larger screen formats, a UX trend largely applied in new websites.

Thanks to MultipleMedia’s information architecture review, the different product formats have a better visibility. They’re now the central part of the hamburger menu. To inform the users which ones are available, they stand out of each product page through a simple red iconography.

“Congratulations to Tamara and her team on a job well done and as painless as I have ever experienced in developing a new website!”

—Joseph Audi, Marketing Director QuickSeries Publishing

It’s also been a pleasure working with QuickSeries Publishing team.

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