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Responsive Revamp

Isolation Majeau, a leader in its field in Quebec, had previously mandated MultipleMedia with the conception of their website in 2012. Since the responsive technology wasn’t as evolved as it is today, the conception of a distinct mobile and PC version was selected.

In the last couple of years, various improvements of web browsers occurred, hence allowing the compatibility with different computer and tablet screen formats. The choice of having a single responsive website is now preferred over distinct PC and mobile versions. For Isolation Majeau, this digital revolution brought to light the great content discrepancy between the two sites. With the steep increase in mobile users it became imperative to take them into consideration with the revamp of the website and to make the additional PC content available to them as well.

From an SEO perspective, the promotional satellite microsites’ integration to the main website and the regroup of the hosting on a single domain name greatly improved the search engine optimization and reinforced the organic ranking.

MultipleMedia took all required precautions during the migration of the previous websites to the new one, not only to make sure the organic positioning ranking wouldn’t decrease, but rather to boost it. Moreover, the revamp brought a great advantage by minimizing the operational efforts in support, since all the new content is now in the same CMS.

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By: Maxime Verrette, Art Director