Stratégies PME and Custom CRM

A First Experience

On November 29 and 30, MultipleMedia took part in Stratégies PME at Montreal’s Palais des congrès. In addition to hosting a consulting space, we also gave a lecture on our custom CRM solution.

Kiosk and Event Organization

Our participation in Stratégies PME made us think about our brand from a different angle to design our booth.

“We wanted to stand out through focused information rather than the overload of keywords often seen at this kind of kiosk. Passersby stopped to see us simply to learn more about our company. We were congratulated on our use of space (background and 3D arrows). While we can’t say whether our booth alone generated interesting contacts, it still allowed us to operate with some breathing room while putting more emphasis on what is most important at MM: The people who work there.”

—Maxime Verrette, Artistic Director of MultipleMedia

Stratégies PME

Presentation of Our Custom CRM

During his conference, Karim explained how to easily achieve a better follow-up of his clients using a customer relationship management software (CRM). The presentation, divided into 3 parts, covered the business model and CRM, the follow-up axis, and finally a demonstration of one of our solutions in the field of showbusiness and entertainment.

The suitability of your business model to your CRM could not be more important. Indeed, “successful companies have a dynamic business model focused on delivering higher value products and services to the ‘right’ customers in the most efficient way”, says Karim. The development of a custom CRM allows you to further reflect on your business model. By working together on targeting the best performance indicators, reports, and data sources to integrate, your dashboard becomes a truly useful tool.

The presentation, which also touched on monitoring and segmentation, is available on SlideShare. Happy reading!

If you are ready to solidify your business processes, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.