Teams: Successful work in a time of social distancing

The current crisis surrounding COVID-19 is forcing many companies to accelerate the development of their tools to enable telework. GTI and MultipleMedia have been using for a long time Microsoft Teams, a component of Office 365, as it’s a great tool for collaboration in every situation, teleworking or not. Teams allows us to work across multiple platforms, whether mobile or more conventional, securely, quickly and efficiently. Thus, our teams are perfectly operational in these times of crisis.

We also recommend this platform to our clients. Many companies have used GTI's services in their transformation to business continuity using Teams, and we continue to help our clients do so in this time, where remote collaboration is more necessary than ever. And we're not alone: many newspapers and news sites around the world reported a tremendous growth in collaboration platforms, with Teams now having more than 44 million users!

Teams enables collaboration within GTI and MultipleMedia, but also allows us to work more closely with our customers and external partners. Videoconferencing, as well as document sharing and real-time interaction are possible with multiple internal and external collaborators simultaneously.

Intuitive and user-friendly, Teams does not require extensive training and can be set up in minutes. This solution allows our customers to collaborate fully while generating increased employee engagement and productivity, sound cost management and a marked gain in flexibility.

If you are interested in moving to Teams, contact us at any time. We continue to be available to make your life easier and to assist you in this transition to remote business continuity.

Thank you!

Karim Kendjouh
President and partner