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If you are not familiar with the different digital agency jobs or if it is sometimes difficult to identify who does what and why in a digital agency, this article is made for you!

We could break down the chain of work into 3 areas of expertise:


We invite you to refer to our two previous blog posts if you wish to know the roles and responsibilities of the Consulting Service and the Creative Team. This article aims to explain the different technological professions in digital agency.

At the end of the article you will be able to explain the differences between front-end, back-end and full-stack!


1.      The Director of Web Production

The Director of Web Production is responsible for planning and organizing the production activities of web projects. She guarantees the proper execution of projects.

The Director of Web Production plays a pivotal role in the development process. In this role, she coordinates the execution in terms of production schedule, priority management, and work distribution within the Development Team.

She ensures the proper implementation of the chosen technologies. She suggests the exploration of new approaches and development trends.


2.      The Front-End Developer

The Front-End Developer is responsible for developing a web site or mobile application. Specifically, the integration of the graphical design and interactivity for all content management systems.

He ensures the quality of web sites and compliance with standards in terms of accessibility, SEO, and ergonomics. As such, he performs quality control tests for optimal operations of the web site or application.

He works according to the requested specifications, in HTML, CSS or XML.

The developer also strives to find a happy medium with the creative team, between graphics and ease of integration. The goal is always to satisfy the customer in the given time.


3.      The Back-End Developer

The Back-End Developer, also called Programmer, is responsible for programming web development projects. She is present at the time of the initial specifications and is responsible for development, testing and production!

Her operational role is to write quality code that can easily be maintained later. The Programmer is often brought to develop new features to facilitate related procedures and tools.

She knows web technologies like the back of her hand (HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX). The Back-End Developer also plays with API, MySQL databases, SQL server, and many other development tools.



4.      The Full-Stack Developer

Hybrid set combining the responsibilities of front-end and back-end development, full-stack developers are increasingly sought after.

With development platforms like WordPress, plug-ins and API are becoming more accessible and the administration console limits complex programming. A project can therefore be developed by a single developer dealing with the integration as well as the administrative console.


MultipleMedia’s development team is a happy mix of all of this. Everyone has their expertise and preferred platforms, but all consult and agree on the best tools and processes to deliver a quality project.


Our Digital Agency is always looking for passionate talent. Visit our Careers page to find the position that suits you or submit your spontaneous application.


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