Unleash Your Innovation

“Curious, creative and technology savvy, every inch of our digital world fascinates us! Innovation at MultipleMedia is finding a way to excel in every project we see to term!”

—Karim Kendjouh, President

Our curiosity for information technologies and communication is boundless. This is why we are continually expanding our range of knowledge. This is how we at MultipleMedia can witness the genesis of avant-garde digital solutions to position your projects on the cutting edge of technological progress.

Innovation needs space to grow. Although projects are supervised by timelines and deliverable dates, we let the creative process flourish through several creative activities.

Discovery: the MM LAB

MultipleMedia is filled with digital experts that innovate in their own way. To channel their ingenious ideas and benefit each project, the MM LAB was born.

Whether to improve their knowledge on a specific platform or to develop a product from scratch, the MM LAB allows each team member to develop new expertise through a digital project of their choice.

It is thanks to this process that we built an innovative search engine, a reliable and independent advertising manager, a flexible and adaptive newsletter template and a proven WordPress template, a variety of products that now benefit our customers. The complete overhaul of our own website is also the result of our first LAB project. (Psst, its optimization continues every day, stay tuned!)

Sharing ideas for lunch

Once a project is completed, its presentation to the team is required to ensure knowledge exchange and ask for comments and suggestions. What’s better than a laid-back lunch to promote discussion?

This is the perfect time to take a break together and begin the afternoon with replenished heads and stomachs.

Training: a team on the lookout

Digital innovation is possible only through mastery of the tools. It is therefore important to stay informed about technological developments by going to lectures or participating in trainings.

By encouraging the team to attend various industry events, MultipleMedia stimulates curiosity and strengthens the expertise of each.


Innovation, whatever the shape, is at the heart of our digital agency. Our insatiably curious team simply could not live without it! How about in your business?