Web Marketing Lexicon 101

Web marketing has an impressive number of increasingly complicated expressions. Technical jargon includes plenty of acronyms but working in digital marketing is accepting the fact that this field is constantly evolving.

Fortunately, our experts offer you a simple and effective lexicon to decode all these web marketing funky words.

Web Marketing Campaigns Analysis

Number of impressions: This is the number of times an advertisement has been exposed to a user. Be careful. This doesn’t mean they’ve seen it.

CPC: acronym used to refer to "Cost per click". It is a method of billing advertising space or web marketing actions used on the Internet.

CTR: acronym for "Click Through Rate", it is calculated by reporting the number of clicks recorded on a clickable item (web banner, banner, sponsored ad) relative to the number of views of the item.

For example: if a banner ad is displayed 1000 times and clicked 5 times, the click through rate is 0.5%.

Bounce rate: The bounce rate of a website is an indicator of audience analysis. It describes the percentage of Internet users who only consulted a single page on the website. It is obtained by dividing the number of bounces by the total number of visits.

To find out if your site's bounce rate is acceptable, read our blog post on the topic: High Bounce Rate and What To Do About It

Setting Up a New Web Marketing Campaign

Search Network: it refers to all Google search results pages. You will see this web marketing expression while setting a new AdWords campaign. Everything about AdWords here.

Here is an example of an ad displayed on the search network:

lexique marketing | adwords

Display Network: refers to all kinds of graphic digital advertising such as videos or banners.

Marketing Automation: consists of automating the actions of web marketing and the purchase of web banners. Marketing automation can be compared to a major Internet advertising market. Web publishers such as Les Affaires, Globe & Mail and many other sites offer their unsold banners.

Landing pages: the web page where an Internet user lands after they clicked on a sponsored link.


Now that you’re fluent in online marketing, you can understand any conversation overheard in our offices such as “Good CTR on the current campaign. The landing page’s bounce rate is at 80%.”