What is Material Design ?

Material Design is a trend that plays with basic geometric shapes to design sleek and structured interfaces.

By combining a triangle, a circle and a square, it can result in a multitude of forms and elements for an interface design. One of the great peculiarities of Material Design is the shading game that is used primarily to show an interaction. The hover state of an element is often materialized by a drop shadow that comes to rest beneath the targeted element to give an impression of lag with the background. This makes it easy to bring out the context element without causing a sudden change (like background color change).


The Material Design makes sense when animating the elements of the interface. The feeling of fluidity that it provides is due to the logical continuity of each animation of a form.


Google Material Design and its usefulness

material design

We often hear about the guidelines of Google in theWeb and for some it remains a subject somewhat obscure. Material Design began in mid-2014 and quickly became a bible for Do's and Don'ts among Web workers. It is actually a visual design language, developed by Google primarily to bring consistency between Google products and other web platforms. Material Design became open source later to allow several employees to evolve it. You will recognize it elsewhere in the operating system of Android from version 5.0.

The purpose of Material Design is to create a high-quality, user-friendly visual interface for users to unify their online experience on as many platforms as possible, while enabling technological innovation. This objective is achieved by 5 fundamental principles: the inspiration of the physical world, a clear and intentional hierarchy, the significant movement, flexible foundations and the crossing of different platforms (Android, iOS, the Web ...).

The Material Design Guidelines mentor us in the process of building a product with clear rules, multiple examples and relevant tips. They show us the path to a product where your user experience will be optimal, while giving you the opportunity to bring out your brand with the Material Theming tools.


Since May 2018, Google has started doing monthly updates to increase the capabilities of Material Design and Material Theming.


Material Theming

This tool has been crafted to help you create your brand theme with Material Design and is undoubtedly a must for all new entrepreneurs, graphic designer, agency, etc. who want to create a personalized branding that meets the guidelines discussed above. . You have the opportunity to play with the Material's Color Tool, create your own buttons, pop-up, dialogue, sheet, etc ...


material design


We quickly realize the potential and the usefulness of Material Design and the many tools that it offers us, so in so short a time it has become a pillar of the creation of websites, software and software. applications and that it continues to evolve forever to offer us the cream of the crop.

For more info, it is right here »»»  https://material.io/

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