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Technological Expertise

In our opinion, a digital agency must combine creativity, innovation and respect for graphic standards. We have set rigorous guidelines so that we always deliver quality products.

Whether we use Bootstrap, the famous framework, or Bitbucket for the management of source code or any recent well evaluated plugins that were first tested and validated internally before being integrated into customer projects, our experts recommend the most appropriate digital solution to the mandate, according to the client's needs and environment.

Having extensive experience in content management systems, programming languages ​​and the most used databases, compliance with the standards of our customers is always applied. We also consider the principles of accessibility in all our developments. For some projects, WCAG compliance is an integral part of the mandate. Our team is trained on this.

Hybrid Project Management

Hybrid Project Management

Our hybrid project management model (combining both the Agile method and the Waterfall model) favors communication between the parties in charge of the project and the client, to optimize the efficiency and productivity of the teams.

Agility is reflected in our flexibility, based on shorter development cycles, so that we can divide the project, validate and readjust the needs according to its progress, following a regular pace of work.

The follow-up is determined via a preliminary schedule featuring the blocks to work on. The idea is to ensure the accuracy of a first block before moving to the next, while adapting to changes and various unforeseen.

Our hybrid project management allows us to save time, improve our performance and efficiency for the benefit of our customers. This is what a digital agency is all about.

Research & Development / Labs

Research & Development / Labs

In our digital agency, every single person is given some time during the year to work on a "lab project". This means that an agreement between the employee and his/her supervisor is set (in terms of hours and topic) so that the employee can explore and train for a subject that he/she considers relevant and which could bring an advantage to the company.

Once the research and training are complete, the employee presents his/her results. This allows knowledge to be shared and, possibly, new practices. For example, we are using Bootstrap today thanks to the results of a colleague's investigation on this framework.


With this perspective of continuous exploration and perpetual evolution in mind, our employees participate annually in WordCamp, a two-day conference about WordPress. Developers, designers, web professionals and bloggers gather to attend presentations and workshops.

Our team also attend DrupalCamp, WordCamp's counterpart for the Drupal platform. Finally, once a month, our developers get together to share their knowledge and suggest new ideas or ways of working.

We believe that any digital agency must really pay attention to its employees, the true resources of its success. Our team is trained on the most widely used recognized technologies, including open source CMS as WordPress and Drupal. The team also masters B2B platforms such as Magento and Kentico.

MultipleMedia is now Kentico silver partner. If the new recruits do not master all the platforms we use, they will be trained by a senior developer and assisted in the development of their first projects.

During the last fiscal year, we granted 1.9% of our annual income to the training of our team, which is twice the minimum required by the law D-8.3 (law promoting the development and recognition of skills of the workforce).

The skills development program of our resources and the coaching/mentoring system between the resources are part of a continuously improving strategy as a digital agency.

Training and personal development