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  • Mohamed Zalegh

    Project Manager

    With a Master’s degree in Management, Marketing and Communication specialty, Mohamed worked during 3 years in France for Axa, an insurance company; first as a sales business analyst, then as a digital project manager. Excel doesn’t have any more secrets for him! Energetic and sociable, Mohamed knows that team work is an important aspect of a project’s success. Always ready to help, his creativity allows him to find simple and powerful solutions! With a strong taste for adventure this Indiana Jones look-alike likes to push his limits further through sports and hiking. Nonetheless he also enjoys spending some nights out, still discovering Montreal.

    Fun fact: Afraid of nothing he already swam with sharks in the middle of the sea, no big deal!

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  • Karim Kendjouh


    A true innovation and new technology expert, Karim holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s in software engineering. For over 12 years, he helped drive growth at Sid Lee as partner and vice-president of technology and innovation. His visionary approach seamlessly blends digital creativity and social business, and his knowledge of emerging practices and cloud computing add true value to all of his projects as president of MultipleMedia. His education, versatility and passion for adventure constantly inspire him to push back the limits of what we know about information technology. Karim is endlessly driven by the desire to meet new challenges and satisfy his clients, and finds daily satisfaction in working with his dynamic and inspiring team.

    Fun fact: He’s an aviation nut who aims to one day build the perfectly adjusted plane.

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  • Pierre-Marc Parent

    Project Manager

    After his Master’s degree in International Studies, Pierre-Marc worked for three years on the development of an online training platform for an international organization as project coordinator. He also acted as project manager for a reputable Montreal NPO. With his work experience in Latin America, Europe and Asia, he brings a variety of notable multicultural experiences to MultipleMedia. As an hispanophile and music lover, he does not miss an opportunity to see his favourite artists’ performances.

    Fun fact: He once did the return trip to Marseille for a single concert!

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  • Tamara Maggio

    Project manager

    Artist at heart, Tamara holds a BFA and a Graphic Design certificate. Her passion for Web pushed her to start a Master’s degree in Applied Communication. She worked for several years as a project manager on the client side. Ready to take on new challenges, she made the switch to the agency side. She likes to take charge of new projects, analyze the client’s needs and come up with the best solutions.  She also enjoys putting into place ergonomic, useful and usable tools optimized for the users. Flexitarian, epicurean and yogi, she relaxes while knitting projects more complex one another.

    Fun fact: Tamara’s photographic work was exposed in several art galleries in Alberta!

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  • Yacine Maza


    With a Master in Informatics, Yacine is a Front-End development specialist in responsive websites. True team player, he is happy to work on a variety of projects, always eager to learn new tools and develop new working techniques. Proactive, Yacine is never surprised by a last minute request. Outside of work he likes to play soccer and practices piano.

    Fun fact: He’s able to reproduce perfectly any piano melody, without knowing how to read music.

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  • Jean-Philippe Georges

    Marketing and Communication Manager

    Jean-Philippe graduated with a Master's Degree in International Marketing. He began his career in Business Development in Paris, France. Soon, this European traveler (he has already lived in England and in Cyprus) moved to Helsinki, Finland, where he lived for 4 years. Further to his Scandinavian experience in new technologies applied to Business Intelligence, he decided to go back to his first loves, Marketing and Communication, and returned to work in an Advertising Agency in the Paris Area. However, after a while, the absence of international component in his activities was a major issue. He chose to leave everything and went to Canada.  6 years later, this defender of Molière’s language won the French Merit Award issued by the Office Québécois de la langue Française. He also won the Octas Award delivered by the Quebec's Technology of Information Industry.


    Fun fact: once he attended 22 business meetings in 11 different countries in only 21 consecutive days.

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  • Julien Renaud


    Julien acquired many years of experience in the field. After working on different CMS and managing tools solutions for Ergonet and Sid Lee Technologies, he now masters MMCM, MultipleMedia’s custom CMS. Versatile he is also familiar with a bunch of different languages (.Net, Java, PHP) and platforms (Drupal, Sitecore, HP Autonomy, WordPress, KonaKart). Always looking for the most adapted solutions for each client’s need, Julien is a true problem solver! Outside of work you’ll mostly find him in a music show, if it’s not at home playing guitar for fun.

    Fun fact: As a true metal fan, his hair once went all the way to his hips!

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  • Gabrielle Thibault

    Web Designer

    With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and additional training in web design & interactive media, Gabrielle has proved her worth in both printing and web industries. Versatile and always ready for new challenges, she acquired this expertise through a wide range of projects at Transcontinental, ACCEO solutions, and H2O Communication. Persevering and positive, she has the attitude to succeed what she undertakes! Passionate about sports and social dances, Gabrielle loves socializing while remaining active.

    Fun fact: Adventurer, she has already jumped from the top of a 23 feet natural fall in Jamaica.

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  • Juliana Tangarife Alzate

    Digital Marketing and UX Analyst

    With a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Juliana is passionate about everything user experience related. Her career as a digital strategist brings her a strategic vision focused on the clients’ needs. Reaching accessible goals is the main principle in every campaign she designs. In addition, her projects are influenced by her passion of research, consumer behaviour and creativity.

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  • Véronique Gareau-Chiasson

    Director Advisory Services and Production

    With 10 years of experience in digital communications and digital production, Véronique has mastered the ins and outs of her field. She holds diplomas in both fashion marketing and advertising and has worked as a project manager and producer in new media for Sid Lee, DentsuBos, and other major Montreal agencies. Her passion for technological innovation and collaborative optimization never fails to inspire clients. Highly efficient and unfailingly positive, she’s an exceptional team leader who energizes everything that comes her way.

    Fun fact: She chased a greased pig in the Festival du Cochon Graissé.

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  • Maxime Verrette

    Art Director

    With 15 years of experience in design of all kinds (web, mobile and print) Maxime worked as an art director and web designer for Astral Media / Bell Media and Sonic Boom, and as a freelancer for several digital agencies in Montreal before joining MultipleMedia. His portfolio consists of many projects of corporate identity, brand design, and gaming consoles and interfaces.

    Within MultipleMedia’s team, Maxime actively contributes to the design of digital strategies while providing artistic direction. He takes part in the conception of visual identities, design and production projects, which are user-friendly, effective and consistent with the client's brand.

    Fun fact: An intense amateur of card and board games, he re-invisioned the classic Mille Bornes card game with the Mad Max Fury Road movie look and feel.

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  • Mira Ferkal


    With all her experience in web development, Mira is passionate about web and new technologies. The large variety of projects on which she has been able to work has enabled her to acquire a precise understanding of the web and its issues. Solving bugs and achieving clean, and maintainable code are her main assets. Of a friendly and cooperative nature, she is always happy to help her colleagues and clients.

    Fun fact: She has already spent over 1,300 hours on a video game (Skyrim).

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  • Jean-Philippe Bédard

    Director of Digital Strategy

    Immersed in the web industry for over 20 years, Jean-Philippe is a veteran director of site development with an undeniable talent for digital strategy, and heads projects in both development and web-marketing consultancy. Before joining MultipleMedia in 2007, Jean-Philippe spent time with CGI, Cogeco Cable, and Laurentian Bank, working simultaneously with both marketing and development teams before anyone had even thought of being a "digital strategist." With his wealth of experience, you could say that designing the user-experience comes naturally to Jean-Philippe. In his world, learning is a horizon of infinite possibilities—one that feeds and inspires him daily. His motto? It’s never too late to learn, and act.

    Fun fact: He ran his first marathon at the age of 44.

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  • Béranger Mangin

    Project Coordinator

    With a master in digital communication, Béranger acquired most of his experience in Paris. With an academic background made exclusively alternating school and work, issues related to the digital world appear very quickly obvious. After some time on the advertiser’s side, it’s finally in agencies that he’s able to express his full creative potential on projects from all walks. A great listener and conciliator, he’s above all a man of challenges. Whether at work, in sports or in everyday life, what motivates him the most is to be a better person than the day before.

    Fun fact: His closet has more than a hundred pairs of sneakers.

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  • Fanny Lallouette

    Human Resources Director

    With more than 8 years of experience and a Master in Human Resources, Fanny is passionate about this field! Learning new techniques, adapting to different markets and searching innovative ideas are many reasons that make her job so enjoyable. Proactive, organized and thorough, she sees challenges like opportunities to learn even more and grow inside the company instead of obstacles to overcome. During recruitment, she makes sure to sense the specific needs of the job in order to find the next addition to our collection of awesome team members, but she also creates a new career opportunity for the candidate. Outside of work, Fanny enjoys cooking and painting and likes to discover new cultures through her different trips!

    Fun fact: Did you know that her father initiated her to motocross at the age of 8?

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  • Nathalie Vallières


    Nathalie has been working for the company for more than 5 years as a programmer and developer. Passionate about the field, her curiosity constantly pushes her to deepen her web solutions development knowledge. Problem solver, she perceives each project as a new challenge, allowing her to better the next one by staying on top of the best practices! Polyvalent, she is able to develop a website in multiple languages and CMS, from the beginning to the end. Outside of work, Nathalie is a true gamer, but also deeply passionate about the Japanese culture!

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  • Laurent Bourget


    After studying multimedia, Laurent began his career at MultipleMedia as a front-end developer. Fascinated by all spheres of computer science, he likes to learn new technologies. He has therefore become very versatile in the field thanks to this interest. Always ready to take on the challenges that will bring his abilities to their full potential, he appreciates diversity within a company and always wants to maintain a good spirit of co-operation with his colleagues. A true fan of video games, Laurent is always in search of the perfect one, more precisely a MMORPG type.

    Fun fact: He was a soccer player for almost 9 years.

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  • Julien Stébenne


    Graduated in multimedia integration techniques, Julien specializes in front-end development. This training allowed him to establish a solid base of knowledge in the various spheres of multimedia (programming, audio, video, design, and interactivity). A computer enthusiast, he is always on the lookout for new technologies to expand his knowledge of the web and the rest of digital media. Always in search of action, Julien is passionate about snowboarding and video games of royal battle style (or FPS).

    Fun fact: He spends a lot of his free time working on his 3D printer and printing small objects.