Front-End Developer/Integrator

Posted on: 09/1/2017

The challenge

As front-end developer/integrator, you are responsible for all aspects of web development projects and design integration for all content management systems.  You would actively oversee the quality of the sites and assure that they respect the standards in terms of accessibility, SEO and ergonomics.

You work in close collaboration with production and creative teams in an environment that encourages teamwork and advancement.

The talent

  • Develop and integrate programs and websites (HTML, CSS, XML) according to the requested specifications, always respecting pre-established budgets, schedules and deadlines.
  • Provide an estimate on development time
  • Document and integrate graphic elements in the website from models, wire frame, etc.
  • Update and test the websites (individual and integral) and implement solutions
  • Do quality control tests of the product to assure optimal functioning
  • Know and master good business practices

The skills

  • College diploma in multimedia or equivalent
  • 4 years’ experience in development-integration
  • Master Bootstrap and solid experience in CSS Media Queries
  • Excellent knowledge of the HTML and CSS languages
  • Have good knowledge of CMS (WordPress, Drupal)
  • Ability to install and personalize jQuery code
  • PHP knowledge is a great asset
  • Ability to adjust the interface to different platforms, including smartphones and tablets
  • Practical knowledge of email campaigns
  • Knowledge of W3C standards and accessibility
  • Knowledge of SEO