Our expertise

From ideation to strategy to development, our expertise covers all the bases, on both fronts: technology and communications.

Our creativity and passion for new trends mean we’re constantly improving our processes and know-how, ensuring that you get the best results.


Business intelligence

"Effective tools for an enlightened analysis"

In the constantly evolving digital world, it can be challenging to see through the hype and sort out the true ROI of our initiatives. At multiplemedia, we use our expertise to support your vision and enhance your business intelligence, so you can make more enlightened decisions.

  • SEO auditing
  • Online surveys
  • Usability testing
  • Web and application metrics
  • A/B testing
  • Dashboard development
  • Competitive audits

Strategy and planning

"Total immersion for better targeting"

Getting to a relevant, profitable digital strategy starts with an in-depth analysis of your business reality. Our digital content experts start by putting themselves the user's shoes, identifying their behaviours and anticipating their needs. Thanks to this approach, we can identify and develop relevant digital solutions that simplify the lives of your users.

  • Content and social media strategy
  • SEO and SEM strategy
  • Research and development
  • Innovation workshops
  • Technological architecture
  • Project planning
  • User experience design and site specifications

Website development

"An optimal user experience"

We're skilled in every aspect of web design, and develop multiple-capability websites. From location-based services to blogs to internal applications, our solutions are flexible, user-friendly and easy to update.

  • User interface and graphic design
  • Responsive websites, mobile sites and blogs
  • HTML, CSS, and custom programming
  • CMS solutions and shopping carts
  • Location-based apps

Digital Marketing

"Creating opportunities"

The digital universe is overflowing with opportunities that go beyond your website. Consumers still massively use emails to manage their business relationships and Google to start their daily online journey. Today, Canadians spend at least 25% of their online time on Social Media. With their deep knowledge of these various digital environments and their focus on analyzing web metrics, our web marketing experts can increase and improve your website audience and help you reach your online goals while respecting your budget.

  • Email campaigns
  • SEM campaigns
  • Social media strategies
  • Contests and microsites

Intranet and Extranet

"Collaboration at the heart of your process"

Our Intranet solutions truly transform your business processes. They'll ensure efficient communication within your organization, with the potential to generate gains in productivity and boost the quality and the relevance of your product. At multiplemedia, we're pushing the boundaries of Intranet use, taking well-established functions and integrating them into social, collaborative environments.

  • Strategic workshops
  • Information architecture
  • Application integration (directories, forms, etc.)
  • Custom-built applications
  • Sharepoint portal solutions and social Intranets (Thoughtfarmer and Jive)
  • Confluence wiki solutions

Business Applications

"Break free"

You've invested in robust and proven enterprise applications. You've argued that they're built on open standards and use web services. It's now time to benefit from these features. multiplemedia possesses the technological knowledge and user-experience design processes to build optimal solutions for your internal and external customers. We work on developing interconnected business applications that help your organization move forward, not backwards.

  • Customized CRM solutions
  • API integration and management
  • Integration of third-party applications ( B2B)
  • Co-browsing solutions


"A world-class hosting solution"

Multiplemedia's infrastructure is housed by Cologix, in Montreal. In addition to being one of the most highly reliable data centres, they're energy-efficient and 100% powered by green energy.

Their installations provide us with almost unlimited bandwidth and one of the most secure environments in North America. Controlled access 24/7, generators, camera surveillance systems—our servers and applications are well-guarded! Cologix allows for an unparalleled level of performance.

With this solid infrastructure, high-performance applications and heavy-bandwidth solutions are not only possible, they're readily accessible.