As innovators, we look for digital solutions that respond to the needs of our clients, and to evolutions in technology.

We use processes both classic and complex, continuously improving and enriching them as we go. Our ever-growing toolbox includes Java, .Net, open-source software, in-house and commercial technologies.



KonaKart eCommerce solutions stand out thanks to their strength, security, and customizable functions. Built for a rapid roll-out of e-Commerce strategies, they go from fully finished solutions for small businesses to top-of-the-line customized applications for multinationals. KonaKart vastly enhances the online shopping experience by putting the consumer behind the wheel.

With KonaKart, users can:

  • Search by name and category
  • See bestselling items and similar products (supports cross-selling)
  • Start a wish list, shopping cart, etc.

KonaKart Projects:


Email Marketing

MMCM-Postal is a simple, powerful email campaign manager. On top of the usual expected email campaign management functionalities, it provides extensive list and user group management capabilities, packaged in an intuitive and secure environment. Our strategic consulting services will help you identifiy the appropriate communication strategy, while our integration services will facilitate the integration of your message, test it on numerous email clients, and more.

Want to manage your own campaigns? Access our mailing platform to create your own newletter templates and send your communications yourself. And if you need urgent help, our team is always available!


  • Customize your emails using several different variables
  • See who clicked on which newsletter links
  • Automatically generate PDF versions of your emails

MMCM-Postal and CakeMail Projects:


Web Analytics

To understand and interpret the behaviour of your new digital platform users, you need adapted analytics tools. The tools available on the web (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics) provide a ton of information that can be difficult to decipher. At MultipleMedia, we offer personalized web analytics solutions and services that establish performance indicators relevant to your situation. Understanding the user experience performance is crucial — it's the bellwether of your optimization and all your digital initiatives over the short, medium and long term.

To hit your optimization targets, the MultipleMedia team helps you:

  • Create a performance report
  • Set up improved Google Analytics solutions and any other pertinent solutions
  • Analyze the behaviour of your users — with recommendations on how to improve their experience

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics Projects:


Open-source CMS

Content management systems that are open-source are made available to the public, meaning independent groups of developers can make important improvements. The MultipleMedia team can configure and enrich these systems to tailor them to your needs.

Drupal is one of the most powerful. It's well-adapted to complex sites and is backed by an excellent community of developers.

Wordpress is the tool of choice for blogs and is also used for a lot of small and medium-sized sites. And thanks to the wide range of plugins, it's backed by the largest community of open-source CMS developers.


  • Gives you access to a ton of functionalities developed by the community
  • Website development costs less thanks to this existing bank of functionalities
  • Puts you in touch with developers who can help your site evolve over the long term

Drupal and WordPress Projects:



Sitecore is a proprietary CMS that's a favourite with large businesses. It offers the full range of CMS capabilities, combined with management tools that cover any and all digital marketing activity. Sitecore makes for a high-level personalized user experience.

Sharepoint is a collaborative platform for businesses that's especially useful for sharing and managing documents. Users and administrators can create personal storage spaces, manage online communities, install and update business applications, and more. MultipleMedia has been using Sharepoint since 2013.

Kentico is a fully integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform that allows the creation of cutting-edge websites and optimized digital customers’ experiences across multiple channels. 


  • Generate custom content based on how visitors use the site
  • Create A/B tests directly within the platform
  • Integrate personalized workflows

Sitecore, Sharepoint and Kentico Projects:


Custom CMS

Content management

Developed and favoured by MultipleMedia since 1997, MMCM-CMS is a client favourite. Robust, secure and easy to use, it also offers an engaging and efficient environment. The cloud platform is built on standard open technologies like Java and XML. Plus, MMCM-CMS generates HTML code that meets the highest open standards of the W3C (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc.).


  • Flat-file CMS with no database, for enhanced performance and security
  • Easy to migrate from one host to another — better portability
  • Takes just three hours of training time to learn how to use

MMCM-CMS Projects:



Simple and cost-effective, our cloud CRM solutions help you build lasting relationships with your clients and partners.
Depending on your needs, you can opt for traditional, centralized client-contact management or you can go for a more personalized management system that optimizes information-sharing between departments. Flexible and practical, our MMCM-CRM solutions allow you to enhance your business intelligence at a very reasonable cost.


  • Flexible, multifaceted, and easy to customize to your specifications
  • An affordable CRM solution for small and big businesses alike
  • Easy integration with our MMCM-Postal email campaign manager or your existing ERP

MMCM-CRM Projects:


Intranet - Extranet

SharePoint is a collaborative platform for businesses that allows users to manage and share documents. Users and administrators can create personal storage spaces, manage online communities, install and update business applications, and more.

ThoughtFarmer is a collaborative hub that can be combined with your current Intranet. The user interface is easy to use and is often compared to a wiki-type tool, with democratic editing functions and a very social collaborative platform.


  • Makes it easy for company members to communicate and collaborate
  • Integrated document management processes for increased productivity
  • Makes it easier to train new employees and get them up to speed

SharePoint and ToughtFarmer Projects:


Digital Asset Management

ResourceSpace is an open-source digital asset management tool. Completely accessible online by means of a simple browser, it allows users to find and store digital assets of all kinds and create subfolders of digital files. Your marketing team's productivity will increase instantly thanks to the powerful search engine, file preview interface and collaborative platform that lets every user add online files.


  • Multilingual search engine and interface
  • Preview and convert image files and videos
  • Search by keyword, geographic location, and more

ResourceSpace Projects:


Technology Platforms

Robustness, security, flexibility, interoperability, performance, cost, easy of use — all of these factors need to be taken into consideration when it comes to developing your digital project, be it a site, application, or content management system. From open source to proprietary code, we use technology platforms that meet your standards, without any bias and with complete transparency.

A few examples of the technologies we use:

  • Java — a reputation built on being robust and secure
  • PHP — the most widely used open-source code in the world
  • HTML5 & CSS3 — the winning combination of today's web browsers
  • Linux — a free, dependable, high-performance operating system
  • Apache — the most widely used open-source HTTP server
  • Xen — allows you to use multiple virtual operating systems

Projects made on these plateforms: