Located on the site of the Angus Technopole, the Angus Medical Clinic is a place of health promotion. Housed in the historical Angus Shops, the clinic presents a modern and industrial architecture. In addition, the clinic wants to offer the entire pediatric and adult population a wide range of medical services. Therefore, the accessibility and quality of their services are at the heart of their concerns. It is also a 'paperless' clinic, meaning that all professionals share a single electronic medical record.

Keeping these three points (modern architecture, accessibility for all and investment in digital) in mind, MultipleMedia designed a brand-new website. Simple, effective and responsive, it will meet the needs of all the users. More dynamic thanks to animations and design, it now provides clear information in the blink of an eye. Finally, the online service for appointments booking has been completely redesigned, clarified and adapted every user’s profile.