The "High-Performance" Project

The Novatech Group contacted us to highlight their high-performance system. It features new kind of doors preserving the comfort with considerable soundproofing.

 The Highlight

Put the high-performance system forward by displaying it on the homepage carousel and having its own page summarizing all the benefits and features of high-performance doors:

  • Energetic efficiency
  • Robustness
  • Comfort
  • Double protection against infiltration of air and water
  • Increased insulation
  • Durable protection against bad weather

The request to MultipleMedia.

Based on an already established graphic policy, our mission was to provide image animations and micro-interactions to highlight the high-performance system. (Animated GIF of the system operation, interactive statistics, table of characteristics).

Therefore, the challenge was about the animations and the fact that they should work on all media and all browsers.

From a Design point of view, it was to think of all the animations according to several criteria:

  • it stays in a simple, classic and minimalist style
  • the animations are relevant to the users
  • the user experience is also effective on mobile and tablet
  • the animations are as light as possible for the site to load quickly