Our faithful digital partner Group Maurice has asked us to develop a new "Video Gallery" section on their website. Today, this new feature allows them to centralize YouTube videos in one page in order to facilitate current users navigation.

An added value for the Group Maurice website that increases website traffic, promotes SEO and keeps users on their website instead of their YouTube channel.

The main features of the video gallery

  • Replace the primary videos with a "LiveStream" when there is one in progress in the Maurice Group's YouTube channel,
  • A specific search engine allows to find a video thanks to the keywords of the titles and the video descriptions,
  • Viewing videos by categories based on their YouTube Playlist,
  • Ability to comment the video, share it and like it,
  • Simplified management of the page (adding videos, deleting ...) in the WordPress backoffice.

MultipleMedia has supported the group in this project by integrating both the Youtube Data API and custom development within the CMS WordPress.