Web Agency from A to Z

Whether it is for a website design, an effective content strategy, SEO best practices or even a personalized management platform, many people turn to a web agency to help them. Here is a little help to understand the words of the web.


Agency. We must start with something, so why not start with us, the web agencies. We are specialized in creating digital solutions. This includes website design, mobile applications but also more specialized tools such as CRM, dashboards ... etc. In a web agency, you usually find three main departments: Management, Development and Creation. Project management methods can be either Waterfalls, Agile, or even Hybrid. They can be of many sizes, each with its specificity, culture, know-how. It is a market in perpetual evolution because intrinsically related to technological innovations.


Bootstrap. It is the most used library (or development framework) in the industry. It offers several standard presentation formats, already optimized for all screens resolutions. All the development and programming assumptions we make use this framework because it covers all types of displays for all types of media, including mobile and tablets.


CSS. Standing for Cascading Style Sheets, this is (as the name suggests) cascading style sheets that form a computer programming language for presenting XML and HTML documents. Whether it is to develop a website or an application, it is an mandatory tool. Its use is highly advantageous for the design of responsive sites because it makes it easier to position the elements in a grid, to solve the compatibility problems between the browsers and to facilitate the responsive development by managing all the sizes of devices (mobile, tablet and desktop).


Drupal. This is a classic content management system. It is the second most popular CMS after WordPress. Like WordPress, it is customizable and programmable. It is a very powerful and secure CMS: many government sites are built under Drupal, such as the White House website. We are now using its version 8. Our web agency is one of the only ones to master it so if you need anything ... call us!


ElasticSearch. It is an open source search engine technology. Totally customizable, it adapts to your needs. You can add categories and facets of data, while organizing display rules. You can also access research reports to better know your users and optimize your website.


Facebook. You probably know this network by heart, but do you know how to generate traffic to your website via a publication? Everything is in the title of it. You have to think sentimental (in the sense that addresses the feelings of readers) and long. Because yes, size matters! Contrary to some experts who say that a title should not exceed 5 words, or 40 characters, it would seem that the reality is different. A title that includes between 16 and 18 words, or between 80 and 110 characters, will get a higher engagement percentage.


Guide. More specifically, the style guide . It represents the graphic charter of a website. There are different types of HTML elements such as titles, paragraphs, lists, buttons, and all generic elements such as colors and fonts used. The style guide allows uniformity in the final rendering. It limits exception and is crucial for any website design.


HTML 5. Latest version of the HTML format, which allows the display of web pages, it often refers to a set of technologies including the development of responsive websites. These automatically adapt to the format of the screen on which they are displayed. As far as we know, computer browsing is still more common than on mobile, so web sites built in HTML 5 are still a long way ahead of mobile applications.


Ionic. It is an open source HTML5 framework that allows you to design mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript web technologies. Built on Google's AngularJS framework, it is very solid. It gives you the possibility to design a mobile application without having to learn a new language like Swift or Objective C for iOS, for example. A major advantage for any web agency that wants to design mobile applications for different operating systems without having to repeat its efforts.


Javascript. When it comes to interactivity, Javascript is behind everything... well, almost. It is executed by the web browser. It listens to different kind of events or behaviors such as clicks, scrolls, etc ...

However, keep in mind that it is a programming language so its use is not limited to the previously quoted elements. Note that it is at the heart of frameworks such as jQuery or Ionic.


Kentico. It is a business solution that brings to the table more than just content management. This platform includes many modules for creating online forms, running email campaigns, selling products online, building communities and engaging visitors. Our web agency is certified partner of this solution in Canada so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Lorem Ipsum. Or rather the opposite. You see, Lorem Ipsum is a fake text, used in print to calibrate a document. So it is a text ... without content. Today, however, we live in a world where content has become a key issue for any worthy digital strategy. When it comes to content strategy, it is more than just text writing. This includes the creation of persona, the selection of diffusion channels, the setting up of editorial plan ... etc.


Mantis. It is a bug management tool to list those encountered and track their status. It is quickly essential for the management of web projects and to effectively monitor all the anomalies identified as we progress in the design of a website or other digital solutions. It is at the heart of our quality assurance process.


Node.js. This framework, which can also be used as a server back-end and module management, allows us to run JavaScript outside the browser. It is mainly used in the development of dynamic websites or as an alternative to traditional web servers such as Apache and nginx.


Open Source. We are talking about a software whose license allows access to its source code, free redistribution and other development possibilities. The main advantage often quoted is the cost ... minimal. However, the use of open source tools is also synonymous with independence from the  publishers (unlike commercial software) , sustainability (because virtually eternal), openness (no problem adding modules extensions) and especially quality (guaranteed by the substantial number of feedbacks).


Programmer. Because no web agency can work without these professionals of the O and the 1. They come from all kinds, with various educations, from all horizons. Whether they are Front-End developers (those who deal with visual interfaces), Back-End programmers (those who deal with code in the background), or even Full Stack integrators (those who are able to do both), they are the essential actors of our success.


Quality Assurance. This is one of the production stages during which all the functional and quality tests are carried out. The objective is to validate the consistency of the system with what has been defined in the contract and / or the specifications. It is integrated in all the levels of the development of a website: from the beginning of the integration of templates until the finalization of the site.


Ranking. This is a big part of how to define, to identify your website on the Web. When we talk about ranking, we often talk about SEO, which consists of optimizing it. The ultimate goal? View your website as high as possible in the search engines results.


Strategy. Identifying a relevant and profitable digital strategy begins with an in-depth analysis of your organization's digital assets, competitive environment, markets, and current major digital trends. This analysis and planning phase will identify relevant action levers (SEOSEMemail marketingsocial networks) that will concretely contribute to the achievement of your objectives. This is the core business of our web agency.


Table. Not the ones you eat on but the ones that feature numbers, data. This is what it is all about here. Data visualization. Today, it is possible to collect all kinds of data but it is still necessary to be able to process and use them. In order to make it easy, a web agency like ours can design and develop a management dashboard. It automates data integration and configures a flexible system for interactive reporting. This tool is a real advantage in business intelligence.


Unity. A web agency is all about teamwork. Whether it is for website design, mobile application development or custom CRM, you need a whole range of talents, personalities and skills. Strategists, analysts, creatives, developers, administrative services ... All this small community must work in unison to best meet the needs of its customers.


Views. Or rather, should we say views, plural. Whether it is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo or Bing, companies are often concerned about the number of views they make on different media and digital platforms. This number is used to measure visibility, brand awareness, but also to calculate the return on investment for a Google Ads campaign (or any other SEM campaign).


WCAG. We are talking about web accessibility standards. These are guides, guidelines, ways to design a website to make its content accessible to people with disabilities, including blindness, low vision, deafness and loss of hearing, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movements, speech disorders and photosensitivity. There are different levels and different degrees of rigor. We are WCAG specialists in Canada so do not hesitate to contact us.


XML. It is a programming language using tags, which can be customized, structuring the data of a document in a hierarchical way. It was created to promote the exchange of information between two different systems. Today, it is very often associated with web site plans (XML Sitemap), which, made precisely in XML, allow the optimization of your ranking on search engines. It is therefore a technology not to be put aside.


Yoast. It is a plugin designed for Wordpress whose main function is to optimize your SEO. A very interesting SEO tool that helps you to put the right words, the right information, in the right places on your website. This is not the only module of this kind, but it represents a significant advantage in your SEO strategy. Combined with a proper market analysis, it will help you achieve your positioning goals.


ZZZZZ. Tired? Us? Never! The work does not stop at the end of the day. Exploration and discovery are crucial parts of the reality of a web agency.

“Curious, creative and technology savvy, every inch of our digital world fascinates us! Innovation at MultipleMedia is finding a way to excel in every project we see to term!”

—Karim Kendjouh, President